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Federal and State Prisons Directory

| January 10, 2009 | 2 Comments

A directory of websites for Federal Bureau of Prisons and State Departments of Correction. States and even individual institutions have rules regarding visitation, mail, approved vendors, book, religious paraphernalia etc. So it is important that those dealing with prisoners make themselves aware of the requirements, whether they are family, friends or outreach worker.

These links were correct at the time of their collation but please inform us if you find that any of them are not working.

Odinic Rite Prison Website Directory

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  1. chaplainbob says:

    I hope this gets to someone who can answer my questions.
    I am a Chaplain in an Indiana state prison. I am trying to find a sponsor or sponsors to give leadership and instruction to a newly forming group of Asatru-Odonists. I have delayed the start in order to find guidance for my own efforts. I would any help you can give.

  2. Gunther AOR says:

    If I can help please contact me:
    Raven’s Folk Hearth AOR
    Post Office Boxs 82481
    Bakersfield CA. 93380-2481

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