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Adventures In Volunteering Part 2

| September 12, 2014 | 0 Comments
Adventures In Volunteering Part 2

By Thorbera OR
First published in OR Briefing 223, Fall 2262 (2012)

It has been just over two years since Arinbjorn OR and I started our prison volunteering in Idaho, USA– and it has been quite the experience to say the least! We have had our ups and downs, wins and losses but overall we have enjoyed our time with those behind the fence.

We are still going every Monday to the two different facilities. Work schedules and weather have caused some absences but not many. We do the general population at ‘The Yard’ and ICC. Thanks to the administration following through on a request from the guys, we are now also doing a once a month class for the segregated population.

The volunteer coordinator for Idaho is a great guy to work with and I know how lucky we are for that! Almost all requests the guys make are brought to us and he takes our opinion on validation of those wants. Since we have started the facilities have designated outdoor worship areas with fire pits and some landscaping which we are allowed to use once a month for ritual. They have also approved and purchased statues, drinking horns, blowing horns, candles and incense. It was recently approved that any faith based books would be kept separate from the others and signed out to class members only, thus eliminating theft and purging!

Arinbjorn OR has been teaching at ‘The Yard’ from the beginning but has a couple of guys that can fill in when we are unable to make it. Just recently he has been designated ‘teacher’ at ICC due to the main guy there being transferred to a facility in Colorado. We have students that are completely new to the faith and some who have been involved with it for years. What they want to learn or ask about or compare opinions on can run the gamut of the spectrum and make for great learning for us all! We have taught from the basics of the creation myth to meditation to the runes. I have found through this two years that I know more than I thought and can contribute to the awakening, I sometimes hijack the teaching away from Arinbjorn OR!!

The men have come and gone. Some have been released and some have decided this is not the path for them. Our classes have dwindled down to only 2 – 3 for a couple of weeks or have been 20 + at times. We are thankful for those who do keep coming back and lighting the way for others despite the negative connotations it can have in the system. They might not all become members of the Odinic Rite but the seeds have been planted and hopefully they continue to follow the Noble Nine on the outside.

Volunteering takes time and dedication. There have been many Mondays when I just did not want to make that hour drive and spend those hours there but I have gotten up and made that drive and each and every time I have been glad I made the sacrifice. I leave those places feeling like I have accomplished something, made a difference and that sets the tone for the rest of my week.

I would recommend volunteering to any who have the itch, not just for yourselves but for those who have limited resources and contacts. It’s not for everyone and I do understand some face many issues dealing with the system but it is a rewarding cause!

Hail The New Awakening!
Hail The Odinic Rite!


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