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Adventures in Prison Volunteering

Our Friend Noel asked me and my son, Arinbjorn, if we would help his friends in the Idaho Correctional System by sponsoring them in their religious pursuit. He explained that this meant in its most basic form that we just needed to show up every few months and this would allow the practicing Odinists to have a more legitimate claim to certain religious rights. Noel didn't realize that this was exactly what Arinbjorn and I had been talking about - finding something “extracurricular” to do in the name of the Odinic Rite. There was no hesitation on our part in saying yes to not only one prison group but to two facilities/two groups and we saw no reason to just put our names on the sponsor form but to visit a minimum of once a month.
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Texas Trip 2009

I just spent a week in Texas, and went to three different units. The one I've been visiting for years, Hughes, went on lock down the morning I was to arrive. But one was added because a chaplain actually invited me while I was down there to go on his unit.
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Ex-convict Odinists Living in the Free World

Living it in the free world is not all about the Rites and Rituals. It's about the daily "grind" work, bills, bosses and society. The Real World stresses that affect so many released inmates and send so many down a negative path. Here we see how living and dealing with those in an Odinic manner as a Folk Unit can lead to successful lives.
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Ostara – Nature’s Voice

After a week worth of rain storms and steady drizzle, Ostara released us from the dreadful but necessary embrace. The sun shone bright; a break past the shady clouds to cleanse us of gloom and plant new growth of the spirit, awaken our holy mother Jorth, and light the way towards bright Balder. It left us with a sigh of relief, Ostaras's bounty.
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Ragnar Lodbrok – Commemoration of the Vikings

Well, let me start by saying the morning of our blót, from my perspective, was a good day for blót. As the wind was blowing at a small pace; kind of light, but enough to say, “fill the sails on the ship”.
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Autumn Equinox

Hail the Odinic Rite! Hail Blöð Trú Hearth-A.O.R.! Hail the Winter Finding that brings in the benevolent and wondrous beauty of our slumbering Holy Mother Jorth!
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Heimgest Goes to Prison

It has been a personal goal of mine to visit incarcerated comrades. After earlier disappointments in this, I was finally able to realise this goal on the 25th Hunting 2253 re when I accompanied Laurel Owen on a visit to Manchester FCI in Kentucky.
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Midsummer Blot in Prison

A very enjoyable and important part of the activities organized by Donar`s Hearth AOR for Midsummer was a visit to Sheridan FCI to meet and take blot for the Odinist group there lead by Richard Kemp. I had long wanted to visit the comrades there and at last, thanks to the efforts of Donar`s Hearth members I was able to accomplish this. The visit was arranged for Tuesday 22nd.Fallow.
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My First Blot

My first Blot was also my first spiritual experience. To understand how it touched my life you must understand where I come from. I was raised in a strictly Southern Baptist household. My parents raised my siblings and me with strong morals and values, but they also moulded us into Christians. I never felt close to the Christian doctrine. I couldn't understand why anyone would want to be so weak and submissive. I didn't want to be a servant or a sheep. So through my life I have known religion but not spirituality.
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Report by Jason Hain AOR

Hail the Odinic Rite! Hail Blod Tru Hearth A.O.R.! Hail Sigurd,folk champion and warder of victory!

Our Gothi Lou was transferred to another facility within the prison. This led to changes within the hearth structure …

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