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Ex-convict Odinists Living in the Free World

| July 6, 2009 | 0 Comments

It is important to note the the below Blot report comes from a group of Odinists that a full half of the men and women are former Prisoners. The Blot is not the point here. The point here is that these men and women are Living Odinism in the Free World. Living it in the free world is not all about the Rites and Rituals. It’s about the daily “grind” work, bills, bosses and society. The Real World stresses that affect so many released inmates and send so many down a negative path. Here we see how living and dealing with those in an Odinic manner as a Folk Unit can lead to successful lives. All the men and women completed parole, and have been out from 1-7 years. Growing families and building folk bonds as well as community bonds. Through a mantra of Right Thought = Right Action = Right out come. We live our faith and it permeates our daily lives. We have seen how if we do not attend to our spiritual needs, everything else falls off too.

Well Tucson Summer Finding Blot went off on Mt Lemon at Incinerator Ridge. And what a Great morning it was. Drogbeorn and family came down from Phoenix. He and I took Deirdra’s SUV up the mountain ahead of the Tribe. We arrived at an east facing cliff camp site that Deirdra and I had Claimed the night before. We field day’ed the area (that’s military speak for clean up trash). Finished that with time to spare. We took the kids up the trail. Where a rope swing hung from an old Pine. Took some turns flying out over the valley. Soon we heard the deep low rumble of Choppers announcing the arrival of the Fastlane Crew, Torsten and Jason. Up the dirt road came Case in his Redneck Cadillac (Pick-up) with Jenni, followed by the Choppers,. A loud whine announced the Brothers from Oracal and Marana as they came racing up on Quads covered in dust, they road through the desert and up the backside of the Mountain. Followed by Deirdra and Catfish in my Redneck Cadillac, Chris in the Rubicon, and Danny Boy, Jennifer their kids in his super sized 350 with Jared and Freshie in the back.

After settling in and greetings, we prepared for our usual Unsomber Joyful Blot. Blot went off with Joy and Smiles as we welcomed Ostara and welcomed her Spring. Though sick children, work and other unforeseeable things kept our number to about half. They were remembered in toast’s.

After Blot some over grown children raced for the rope swing (Deirdra/Torsten) and the Clan moved that way. For some fun in the sun. While back at camp kinship was shared by both old friends and newly met folk.

All too soon it was time to begin returning to cell phone range, some to work, some to get daughters off to Prom. I have photos to sort, cd’s to burn and of course the Myspace Albums to create. But all that will wait as I simply enjoy the time spent with My Family and Folk.

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