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Hearth formed in Texas to support incarcerated and released Odinists

| July 29, 2010 | 0 Comments

A new apprentice hearth or the Odinic Rite, Gullinkambi Hearth AOR, Texas, has been sanctioned by the Court of Gothar. The hearth’s primary aim is to provide support for incarcerated Odinists in the state and also to provide a home to those who have served their time and are now following the positive path of Odinism in the free world.

The Hearth Guardian, Colla Magnus AOR said:

“I have had the desire for a long while to be able to start a Hearth for the Brothers and Sisters of the Odinic Rite that have been incarcerated or are still incarcerated, to help them and their families readjust to the “free world” in a positive and nurturing manner and have a place in our blessed Odinic Rite where they will not feel out of place and can decompress and grow stronger in the ways of the High Ones.

“Having myself been incarcerated in the U.S. Federal Prison some years back I still remember the feelings of despair and fear of that time and also the sense of being misunderstood and having no one to turn to in camaraderie. I deeply felt totally alone at that time and ostracized by the monotheistic society around me, and I retreated in to solitary existence, until by the leading and blessings of the Gods I found the Odinic Rite.

“I do not want any of our formerly incarcerated or still incarcerated comrades to experience any more of this unskilful and defensive atmosphere than is necessary and just as Gullinkambi calls the honored in Asgard, I hope that Gullinkambi Hearth AOR can be a beacon for those of us that have tasted the dishonor of unskilful actions and thinking to continue to grow and return in full honor and learn to manifest the best that we can for Our personal walk with the Gods, and to honorably progress in the Odinic Rite.

“I realize that this blessed endeavor will not happen overnight, but the watch fires have been lit.”

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