Adderall Online

Mission, Vision, Goals & Values

OUR MISSION is to facilitate community for Odinist prisoners and for people of our faith leaving prison, and to insure religious rights for incarcerated Odinists.

OUR VISION is to create a community of trained volunteers for Odinists in prison. It is also our Vision to assist in the creation of a Folk Community that includes resources for prisoners such as half-way houses, employment, and temporary housing for Odinist prisoners entering the free world.

OUR GOAL: Ultimately the goal is to greatly reduce the recidivism rate and the population of Odinists in prison.

OUR VALUES: All faith groups have a value system. We adhere to the 9 noble virtues: courage, truth, honor, fidelity, discipline, hospitality, industriousness, self-reliance, and perseverance. These are good old-fashioned character traits that can benefit any person, inside or out of prison.