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On Finding the OR

| September 18, 2011 | 1 Comment
On Finding the OR

Wade Burns AOR
Hughes Unit, Texas

As an inmate in the Texas prison system, it is easy to find yourself as the only Odinist on a compound. From the time I discovered Odinism in 2252 R.E. until early 2259 R.E. that was my Wyrd. Stuck in a system that frowns on any beliefs that are not desert-born, it has often been frustrating.

Horning 2259 R.E. was the end of my journey as a lone Odinist. I have never received anything like the welcome I received when I arrived here at the Hughes Unit. There were roughly 20 Odinists here when I arrived, but I doubt there could have been more love and acceptance had there been an hundred.

After getting to know everybody, I began to notice that most of the guys were divided by their associations with separate Odinist groups. Naturally, after spending all of those years adrift in this biased system I recognized the advantage of anchoring myself to one of these groups.

Immediately the Odinic Rite began to stand out to me. I quickly saw that it has the attributes I had decided to seek in a group. I wanted to be a part of something that was solidly established. None of the other groups here could compare to the Odinic Rite in this respect. I also noticed that all of the
others were focused primarily on the growth of Odinism in prisons. I have been incarcerated for fourteen years, and became an Odinist while in prison, but my Troth will not remain in prison once I am released. I desire to be in the ranks of kindred men and women who want to see our Troth grow on both sides of the prison walls. In this aspect the OR stands alone.

The biggest reason I have joined the Odinic Rite is how important the promotion of Odinism is to the OR. Thanks to Mr. Boyd, I have been able to see this in the pages of his collection of ORBs that he has bestowed upon me, and also in the letters he receives from the OR members that he corresponds with. I enjoy every word. The articles encompassing the various aspects of the OR members’ lives are very inspiring. They have fostered numerous discussions of activism between Mr. Boyd and myself. Everything from the cleaning-up of trash ridden areas of land and the Blotar reports to the articles about Team Fyrd’s competitions and the awesome poetry. Each line carries the warmth of Kinship. I can tell that the OR tries to be as closely knit as possible, even though it is a world-wide organization.

I would like to also say that I am very proud to know that the O.R. screens its inmate members to make sure that nobody with a sex-based offense is accepted. No other group extends that courtesy to its membership.

In Hunting I became a member of the Odinic Rite. It is an Honor for me to be a part of an ambitious group of Odinists who have an appetite for advancement. I look forward to taking on whatever the horizon has planned with each one of you as my Kinswomen and Kinsmen.

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  1. mates001 says:

    I felt compelled to reply. Although I am not of your religion, my son is and he is an inmate at Franklin Corr Fac, Malone, NY. My son is a ‘Facilitator’ there and he is currently working with the Chaplain to help get the ritual items approved of which they are giving him a hard time about. I don’t know why it is so difficult as they used the items in the prison he was in before his move and that prison is just down the street. He already holds a group meeting which is limited to 6 right now due to space in the room they gave, but there are at least 6 more on the waiting list. The Chaplain is working in getting a bigger room also but it’s a ‘slow go’. I was wondering if your prison allows the prisoned-down version of the Hammer (wooden) and Staff (forgot the correct name)? My email:

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