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Ostara – Nature’s Voice

| March 30, 2009 | 0 Comments

By Jason Hain AOR

Hail the Odinic Rite! Hail Blod Tru Hearth A.O.R.! After a week worth of rain storms and steady drizzle, Ostara released us from the dreadful but necessary embrace. The sun shone bright; a break past the shady clouds to cleanse us of gloom and plant new growth of the spirit, awaken our holy mother Jorth, and light the way towards bright Balder. It left us with a sigh of relief, Ostaras’s bounty.

Garman was able to get outside to our preferred land/blot site and do the reclamation ritual. His initiative gave the area its own luminous litr’. After the usual greetings took place, we entered the site throl3gh the north cardinal point and formed the holy Ve. There were ten of us in attendance: proud Odinists, ready to give reverence to our Holy High Ones and bring in the Spring in a dynamic way.

Our Gothi recited the Invocation from memory again. I can always appreciate the preparation that goes into that; it lends that much more strength to it because of the visualization aspect involved. It’s a Spring all in itself. Kinsman Helgi was allotted the first reading and I, myself, the second.
At this point in the blot, the Gothi turned to his left and faced Kinsman Helgi. By unanimous approval of the Hearth, the Gothi honoured Helgi with apprenticeship into Blod Tru Hearth. And in return with honour, Helgi accepted. I make this sound so formal because it is and this was a moment that reminded me of something out of the Sagas. It had an ancestral appeal.

The Gealdor took on a life of its own. We implemented the call and response method and I wonder just how loud we really were. The combined energy forces of the Gothi and the responding Kinsmen took me to a transcendent state as if the Heildan became my own Shamanistic journey. It was as if time ceased to exist and we were just one great being bigger than our physical selves. It was awesome.

I couldn’t believe how quickly we arrived at the Memory Cup but that’s how it goes when everything is in synchronicity. Good toasts and good cheer, wassail!
We wrapped this blot up with our spirits burning bright. Berkano released a bright Kenaz fire at the perfect time. Being in tune with the changing of the seasons is refreshing this time of year. New life to our holy mother Jorth and new life to ourselves in whatever way that may be is essential to Nature. Odin’s Holy Nation moves forward. Hail you Kinsmen and Kinswomen of the Odinic Rite doing this very same thing worldwide. You light the way for the Re-Awakening of our folk.

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