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| August 2, 2009 | 0 Comments

Thorbera OR from Idaho has taken over the book drive. We have begun to take in donations, and while supplies are short, we should be able to get some material out shortly. This means if there is anyone ‘inside’, ‘behind the wire’ or simply ‘busted’ and would like to get a book or booklet, you need to get a hold of Thorbera at the address below. There are steps to take before disbursement and we will need contact with you and more-than-likely chaplains to make sure we can get through all the red tape. The only thing worse than not having any resources is having them lost in the mail room because they were not sent with all the T’s crossed and I’s dotted…

Then, to anyone out there who may have some Odinic books that they no longer want or need or that you simply feel could be put to better use, please contact Thorbera to arrange a donation, they will be put to good use. We will also accept monetary donations as well though Paypal or Mailed in Check- even $5 can help. Any cash donations will go to the purchase of books and other reading material fundamental to Odinism such as The Book of Blotar. The paypal Please put in a message that it is for the book drive.

So if you need books, or if you have books, please send inquiries to the following addresses and we will get back with you as soon as possible–

OR PAB Idaho
PO Box 783
Mountain Home, ID


Hail The High Gods
Hail The Rite
Hail The PAB

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