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Reflections at Yule: An address made for Mother Night at Idaho State Correctional Institute

| January 18, 2014 | 0 Comments
Reflections at Yule: An address made for Mother Night at Idaho State Correctional Institute


“For Victory and Power to the King of Kings
For Good Harvests and for Peace”

I woke early and whilst lying there felt the need to capture a few words, to share at this, our final coming together for the year.

While darkness has grown ever more prevalent across our land and the lands of our forefathers, we gather together in celebration of the trust that we are hailing the return of the Light.

We meet here now having journeyed from many different directions, and while the future of our Faith, Folk and Family might seem uncertain now, that has not prevented us– despite ups and downs, and comings and goings– from gathering together over the past year to learn the teachings and celebrate the traditions in the Northern Indo-European style.

When I began these studies a year ago, I thought I would no longer be here to see Yule and celebrate the coming of a New Year.

I felt like a stranger to kin’s own Faith when at first I began coming to meetings (there are a few of you here today who may recall those moments, for you were there and you helped me to stay motivated and to keep learning and to keep coming back– even when its not easy!)

Looking back at the ground we have covered and the journey we’ve thus shared, I hold hope that we weave the Wyrd together in hope and trust for the very future of our Faith, Folk and Family. I trust we’ve been led with the wisdom of Orlog, All-Father and All-Mother thus far throughout the ages upon ages of our peoples– and that in us, who are becoming open and receptive to your Spirit, the seeds are being planted for the future cultivation and fruit for which we are intended.

I saw a motto: “Shamed be the person who thinks evil of it!”

If my own Words and experience speak not well of my point, look only to the circle of brothers (and sister!) here before you now.

Even in the midst of prison we have made the will and found the way to gather before the High Gods and worship and celebrate the life that you give us. Help us look to the return of Your Light, tend to the spark of it that we carry in our hearts, and continue to uplift one another in the ways and means available to us.

All Praise and Glory to you! May our Blots and Feasts be a token of our Fidelity and Love

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