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Community Partnerships List for California DOC

Community Partnerships List for California DOC

Community Partnership Contacts

Avenal State Prison – (ASP) – (559) 386-0587 ext. 5998
Calipatria State Prison (CAL) – (760) 348-7000 ext. 5254
California Correctional Center (CCC) – (530) 257-2181 ext. 4020
California Correctional Institution (CCI) – (661) 822-4402 ext. 4201…

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Adventures in Prison Volunteering

Our Friend Noel asked me and my son, Arinbjorn, if we would help his friends in the Idaho Correctional System by sponsoring them in their religious pursuit. He explained that this meant in its most basic form that we just needed to show up every few months and this would allow the practicing Odinists to have a more legitimate claim to certain religious rights. Noel didn't realize that this was exactly what Arinbjorn and I had been talking about - finding something “extracurricular” to do in the name of the Odinic Rite. There was no hesitation on our part in saying yes to not only one prison group but to two facilities/two groups and we saw no reason to just put our names on the sponsor form but to visit a minimum of once a month.
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