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On Finding the OR

On Finding the OR

Wade Burns AOR Hughes Unit, Texas As an inmate in the Texas prison system, it is easy to find yourself as the only Odinist on a compound. From the time I discovered Odinism in 2252 R.E. until early 2259 R.E. that was my Wyrd. Stuck in a system that frowns on any beliefs that are not desert-born, it has often been frustrating.
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Ostara – Nature’s Voice

After a week worth of rain storms and steady drizzle, Ostara released us from the dreadful but necessary embrace. The sun shone bright; a break past the shady clouds to cleanse us of gloom and plant new growth of the spirit, awaken our holy mother Jorth, and light the way towards bright Balder. It left us with a sigh of relief, Ostaras's bounty.
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