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Community Partnerships List for California DOC

Community Partnerships List for California DOC

Community Partnership Contacts

Avenal State Prison – (ASP) – (559) 386-0587 ext. 5998
Calipatria State Prison (CAL) – (760) 348-7000 ext. 5254
California Correctional Center (CCC) – (530) 257-2181 ext. 4020
California Correctional Institution (CCI) – (661) 822-4402 ext. 4201…

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Ex-convict Odinists Living in the Free World

Living it in the free world is not all about the Rites and Rituals. It's about the daily "grind" work, bills, bosses and society. The Real World stresses that affect so many released inmates and send so many down a negative path. Here we see how living and dealing with those in an Odinic manner as a Folk Unit can lead to successful lives.
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Find Work

Resources to help released prisoners find work.
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