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Vinlanders Creed #1: ‘Self-Development over Self Destruction – No drugs, alcohol abuse, gluttony or gambling abuse’

| August 26, 2014 | 0 Comments
Vinlanders Creed #1: 'Self-Development over Self Destruction - No drugs, alcohol abuse, gluttony or gambling abuse'

By Taven Odinkaur AOR, Vitki of Gungnir Hearth AOR

We in the Gungnir Hearth are believers in nobility. So we collectively decided to institute a code of conduct that expands the Nine Noble Virtues and the Nine Charges, to specifically define the ideal way an Odinist must try to live – based on the values and standards of our most inspiring ancestors. It is our answer to our age of cultural decay in general, whether to do with mass society or the penal system. Things must change, must be better, and because that always starts from within, we are living our “better”. The prison –mentality fostered by so called “state rehabilitation” is a dismal failure, there can be no doubt, especially considering the 75-80% recidivism rate. A true, Heilgar alternative is to live with a real purpose, which is of course, our ancestral Troth.

There are nine of these Creed statements. We settled on nine as this goes hand in hand with a recurring sacred number in our tradition (Odin hanged on Yggsdrasil for nine days and nights to gain the runes, the shining Heimdal was mothered by nine giantesses etc.) and also because there are Nine Charges and Nine Noble Virtues we adhere to, as modern day noble people. We feel this code of conduct also addresses our environment more specifically than those, and sometimes this is needed in here: the essence of nobility, as I was once told, isn’t so much superiority to ones inferiors, as it is being superior to ones self-of-the-day-before.

Living a real purpose, deepening the sense of personal strength, deepening the sense of community with those who share the Blood gift – we are here to meet all these needs, and to end up creating motivating, inspiring leaders, so as to further the momentum of the Rites own efforts. Hail the Rite!

The first of the Creeds statements is “Self – Development over Self – Destruction: No drugs, alcohol abuse, gluttony or gambling abuse”.

This is the foundation-stone of our efforts. In all honesty, it sadly doesn’t matter an iota how right you may be, how much truth you may know, if you cannot live your truth, and not destroy yourself.

It’s often been said “hedonism is not heathenism”, and that’s a fact. Our ancestors were not above a little pleasure, but never at the expense of well-being, or family, or folk. Self-discipline in following a purpose is the hallmark of our greatest heroes, inventors, philosophers, scientists and statesmen even. There would be nothing sadder than wasted potential, and seeing a good hearted Folks man or Folks woman self-destruct…because they don’t also yet have a strong mind. This place has the advantage of easily opening the eyes of those who are average “products” of society, but it also has the disadvantage of fostering a very anti-social, self-centred and defeatist set of habits that must be addressed directly – the examples cited are the most common, but not the only ways to defeat one’s self. We strive for physical, mental and cultural fitness, and the best way to reach them is to help bring perspective of the purpose in conjunction with its absence. Notice how there is a contrast of positive and destructive in each of the Creed statements: in the first one it is “Self- development, not Self-destruction? None of that is accidental. Regaining our perspectives is essential.

The simple test of conscience in this, to every Odinist who accepts this Creed, the Virtues, and the Charges, is to ask him or herself when faced with doubts: “Is this action going to help me build myself and my folk, or is it going to destroy or distract from building”? If it is something that will be helpful, it is good. If it is something negative, a distraction or destructive, then the Odinist must toss it aside and refocus on the purpose again. This isn’t liberal philosophy such as “if it feels good, do it” or conservative philosophy such as “if it’s working, don’t fix it”. A thing needs only to feel good if it helps the Folk and our Faith, or something in our perspective is askew, this time about what “working” means, if it’s not “working” for us.

We are Odinists, and we are here to start the fire of the great awakening – and we know, every such awakening begins in our own souls. We may only be tiny sparks individually, even at our brightest, but together we can start a mighty blazing flame. A Folk Flame!

With a “Hail the Rite – Hail the Folk – and Hail the Gods”
I will leave you in Frith,
Taven Odinkaur AOR
Vitki, Gungnir Hearth AOR


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