A brief musing on the meaning of Odinism

| March 4, 2011
A brief musing on the meaning of Odinism

by Sam Coles AOR
First published in ORB 212, Summer 2259

I am currently making my first reading of George Orwell’s 1984, and have recently just read the part where the protagonist, Winston, is lying in bed and reading the book. His primary thought after reading the particular chapter that is shared with us, was that nothing so far revealed was essentially new to him. He had always felt and understood to be true the things that the book tells him [about the Party and The Revolution] but had never been able to put into it words himself. The text of the book had ‘systematised’ something that he already knew within him to be true, but could not himself express. It clarified and strengthened his understanding and resolve.

How is this anything to do with Odinism? Well as I see it, we here, not to mention the rest of our Folk, are in a similar dilemma. We have all experienced at times, events in our lives that deeply affected us, moved us, made us feel at peace – ‘this feels right’. These things we felt but were unable to explain, or see as anything other than freak. That is until we re-discovered Odinism. As the book gave Winston the ability to express his lifelong beliefs about the system governing him, so Odinism gives us this ability to express our understanding of life.

Odinism allows us to (this word sounds wrong but it works in context) ‘systematise’ our understanding of life – the knowledge and wisdom of correct living we already possess inside us, but is encrypted into our blood and Folk Spirit, and often cannot simply be read like a book – it needs time to be spent reflecting upon it. Odinism provides the vehicle with which we can do this, it gives us the power and direction to ‘decode’ the ‘encryptions’ of life. Granted it may not be possible for us to open all the doors in this life with our present understanding of Odinism, but we can certainly open a few of the most important ones.

I think we are very lucky to be able to comprehend that we even have such a gift as Odinism, the key to our evolution, whilst so many despair or search endlessly high and low elsewhere.

And of course in this struggle to live an Odinic life, like Winston, we understand that ‘sanity is not a statistic’ or that ‘being in a minority claiming the truth, even a minority of one against the whole world, does not make you mad.’ In today’s world, it makes you quite the opposite I’d say.


Hail the High Ones


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