A Case for Indo-European Pantheism & Indo-European Self-Identification

| January 29, 2006

By Athelstan, AOR

First published in ORB 203, Yule 2006

Should any culture fail to be vibrant, if it fails to adopt and maintain appropriate and durable practices that secure and safeguard the future of its people and their heritage, then such a culture will either wither and die, and/or be subsumed by a vibrant/assertive/aggressive culture.

If one cares to look for them, there are several extant indicators that it is high time for the Indo-European (IE) peoples all over Mother Jorth to start diligently reasserting and representing their own best interests. Some may well ask, what would be the basis and justification for such a statement?

First, there is no more pressing and urgent challenge facing the IE folk than that of their own population levels.

Inspection of the population statistics provided by the references in Appendix A, strongly indicate that the global IE population is in a drastic decline and diminishing rapidly. The correlation and cross referencing of data from several official sources, including the UN Population Division Database show that the combined Indo-European derived population of N. America; Europe (including the Caucasus), Australia and NZ declined drastically from approx 29.5% of the total world population in 1950 to approx 10.5% by 2005. This is a conservative calculation and the trend shows no indication of abating within the foreseeable future. In short, the Indo-European peoples already constitute a rapidly dwindling global minority.

These figures point to a sad and chilling reality; we the IE people, as a family of nations, as a race, are rapidly vanishing from the face of the Earth. I cannot think of any better reply, to those misguided souls who would argue the ‘humanitarian’ position that the Indo-European peoples should place protecting and preserving the cultures of non IE ‘minorities’ above their own. I also believe nothing clarifies the impact and cost to the IE folk, of the mistakes of the last fifty years’ any better.

Next, who can deny that the delusion of the post WWII ‘western’ materialist lifestyle has rendered the vast majority of IE folk immune to the reality of what has actually transpired globally in their lifetime? This statement not only applies to the falling IE population levels, but also to the global socio-economic situation. Admittedly today, many are now aware of the outsourcing of jobs to distant lands, and why not, for job losses are personal and tangible. Yet many still remain blissfully ignorant of the enormity of the socio-economic changes that have occurred globally in just the last thirty odd years alone. One of the best ways to understand these changes is to study the holding of Foreign Exchange Reserve Assets.

If one inspects the trends in Foreign Exchange Reserve Assets held by several major countries over the last twenty-five years, the enormity of the changes on a global scale are obvious. The references in Appendix B provide reputable and reliable sources of data that may be inspected, cross-referenced and correlated. The ramifications for major socio-economic disenfranchisement and indebtedness of the IE folk in the ‘western’ countries, in the not too distant future are also starkly apparent. These include the progressive inability of IE folk in the ‘western’ countries, to exercise socio-economic self-determination and self-sufficiency, as the 21st century progresses.

Finally, from the post WWII era onwards many IE Folk have become culturally and spiritually bereft, causing them to retreat into various avenues including apathy, materialism, hedonism, various forms of addiction and the seeking of `salvation’ or `enlightenment’ from other alien religions/faiths apart from that of the Abrahamic Hegemony. The lack of both an appropriate sustaining spirituality and a coherent nurturing cultural identity has had an enormous impact on both the mental and physical health of the IE folk. These in turn, have also contributed to the declining IE population levels as discussed above.

So leaving aside numerous the environmental/ecological issues concerning our relation with Mother Jorth (as a matter of expedience to write a relatively short article) I could have also included, these three major points are the basis for my argument that it is indeed high time for the Indo-European peoples to start diligently representing their own best interests. But the questions then remain how and where to start? One word springs to mind – Solidarity. I would argue that, there now exists an imminent and fundamental need to promote globally the formation, fostering and nurturing of an Indo-European Pantheist movement (or even movements) that is free from the taint of ignorant ‘racist’ posturing and from counterproductive ‘white supremacist’ ideologies. This would be a crucial step in restoring the vibrancy of IE culture in a positive and beneficial manner (and not a destructive one!) Such a movement, if it is to truly serve the best interests of the IE family of nations well into the 21st century, must be one that is visibly seen to be:

o Productive in purpose
o Effective in methodology
o Noble in spirit
o Uplifting in nature.
Hence, I would say that the OR and ‘Odinism for the Modern World’ should most definitely be an integral part of such a movement. As would other effective groups representing any truly recognised/reconstructed genuine ancestral Indo-European Heathen/Pagan faith (which by definition excludes all Wicca groups.) Also integral to such a movement, would be the concept of a viable and coherent form of ‘self-identification’ amongst the IE Folk. The purpose of this IE self-identification, would be to facilitate the healing and melding of what has become debilitated, fragmented and bereft – the IE Folk, their cultural identity and their ancestral faiths. So overall, I would propose a global IE Pantheist movement that would require three major steps of its’ membership process:

1) Significant and verifiable evidence of IE ancestry
ALL applicants would be required to present enough significant and verifiable evidence to establish a direct lineage to an IE nationality through their family tree. It is understood that some people may not able to conclusively prove their heritage through a paper trail and so alternative methods may be explored to establish satisfactory proof. However, all attempts must be exhausted though conventional means.

2) Self-identification as an ancestral Indo-European
The self-identification is predicated upon and entails a solemn and binding profession of an exclusive, unequivocal and immutable recognition and embracing of one’s ancestral Indo-European Heritage. This requires that the professing individual fully and exclusively embraces both their Indo-European ancestral lineage AND their ancestral Indo-European culture(s). The latter part in turn includes and requires a demonstrable exclusive belief in, and practice of, a truly recognised/reconstructed ancestral Indo-European Heathen/Pagan Faith by the professing individual. This would absolutely & unequivocally exclude all individuals who cannot honestly and truly self-identify as an ancestral Indo-European by virtue of the requirements of the process. Preclusions to an honest and true self-identification as ancestral Indo-European most definitely include:
a) Identification and/or self-identification with a race, creed, culture, or faith other than those recognised as being truly of ancestral Indo-European Heritage
b) The adoption of a pluralist or eclectic approach to matters of faith
c) The holding of an agnostic or atheist viewpoint in matters of faith

3) Recognition by the Indo-European Community as a IE person
This qualification can be met at the time of application if the applicant shows sufficient direct lineage to an IE family.

In order to avoid discrimination against those of mixed heritage, there is a simple and effective method to be found employed within the Métis self-identification process. This method is recognised by both the US and Canadian governments and the United Nations as valid, and has numerous legal precedents. Simply put, with all three criteria above being met, including proof of IE ancestry being provided upon application, there is NO further blood-quantum requirement. This also serves to maintain the integrity of the self-identification process of all individual members as viewing themselves as being 100% Indo-European in heritage.

The formation of such a movement will necessitate that the Folk of our great family of nations forsake the egoism, divisiveness, stubborn parochialism, misguided factionalism and above all the fears imbued by many centuries under the yoke of the Abrahamic Hegemony and its faiths. This is not to say there should be any attempt to invalidate or detract from one’s nationality or one’s existing profession of allegiance to a homeland nation state/country. And indeed, the recognition and pride of one’s own distinct Indo-European ethnicity should be positively encouraged. But this recognition should be a powerful and uplifting fraternal celebration of the diversity of the IE Folk, their culture(s) and their achievements, not a divisive matter. Why should the Folk not recognise and realise they are part of a great Indo-European family when such an undeniable truth is based in their very own genetic heritage? The rich and unique diversity of our family of nations should be healthily recognised as having stemmed from a common root. This would address one of the major obstacles to facilitating the New Awakening and bring forth a realisation of a fundamental and underlying need for an essential compatibility between Faith, Folk and Family.

So do I argue that the above concepts are to be held up as panaceas? No – not at all, they are just the best that I can do. In fact, all I wish to do is to point out that sooner rather than later, the IE Folk will have to get off their respective duffs and start thinking realistically about the future of their culture in a progressive, if you like revolutionary manner. In doing so, I have merely stated my case for what I perceive to be one sensible, appropriate response to the current situation. But then again there is always the wisdom to be found in the 26th Stanza of the Havamàl:

The unwise man thinks all to know,
while he sits in a sheltered nook;
but he knows not one thing, what he shall answer,
if men shall put him to proof.

Hail the Indo-European Folk!

Hail the New Awakening!

Hail the Odinic Rite!

Appendix A – Population Statistics
The reader is encouraged to perform their own correlation and cross referencing of the data available from the following sources, so they may satisfy themselves that the claim of the population decrease of the Indo-European peoples is of the magnitude stated over the time period specified and within the demographics stated.

UN Population Division – Population Database

US Census Bureau – Summary Tables (Table 1a)

UK National Statistics
Australian Immigration facts

Eurostat home page (See Population & Social Conditions)

Stats Canada

Appendix B – Foreign Exchange Reserves Assets
Taiwan Dept of Investment Services – Foreign Exchange Reserves of Major Countries 1979 to 2006

IMF Data Template on International Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity

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