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Odinism under the African Sun

Odinism under the African Sun

By Gabriel Maritz AOR and Suzi Marsden AOR

Every time I Blot in this beautiful country, I can feel the land wights and nature spirits welcome me. The Gods speak to me and our Galdrs echo through the landscape. It re-energises and revitalises me, just like it did in England. It feels completely natural and right, ancient and true, thus I respond with my whole heart and soul and do not hold back. Continue reading

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THE END OF THE WORLD IS NIGH - The 2012 Myth: Is it true?

THE END OF THE WORLD IS NIGH – The 2012 Myth: Is it true?

A Great Moot talk by Eowyn OR Good morning folks. Are you all having a good time? Great! Then I suggest you make the most of it because this may well be our last Great Moot – that is, if … Continue reading

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Family - The Future of our Folk

Family – The Future of our Folk

From a young age, idealism ruled my conscious thought process. The world was, and to many extents still is, very ‘black and white’ to me. And never has this philosophy been proven more correct than when I learned of the eternal concept of Natural Law, for in nature we constantly see very simple and definite answers to issues which have been significantly over complicated by our so-called ‘civilised society’. Continue reading

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Isolation and the Threat of Apathy

By Asbrandir AOR

I believe that it is clear to most people that apathy is generally caused by two factors. The first would be lack of personal contact with another of like mind, with whom ideas, thoughts and general comradeship can be shared. The second, adding to the burden of the first, is to see on a daily basis one’s highest principles and ideals disregarded and trodden into the dirt, if not made outright illegal, in our dishonourable times. Continue reading

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Hierarchy of Needs

Hierarchy of Needs

Often over dinner conversation in our household, we discuss the chaos that surrounds our Folk. We are usually left grasping at exactly “why” the terrible things in this world are allowed to continue. Why do the powers that be allow the most despicable activities to continue? Interestingly enough there is an explanation. It begins with the business world…the economic world. Continue reading

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Modern Enemy – Modern Psyche

By Phil AOR

This article is not intended to be a history of Kings and wars, nor could I relate facts any better than the multitude of books available on the subject. What this article is about is the psychological and physical way power is won and lost, how it affects the people of Britain today and how we can reclaim our birthright. Continue reading

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Attracting Women to the Rite – Some considerations.

By Eowyn OR

As a revolutionary organisation operating within the context of a modern universalist culture, the OR faces many challenges to not only sustain folkish ways, but also to build towards a better future for its people with an infrastructure that honours multiversal values. Amongst the most pressing challenges we face is that of attracting more women into the Rite. This is not merely an exercise in building numbers, nor even about trying to have equal numbers of each sex (as desirable as this might be); it is about a fundamental balancing of the energies that create the matrix on which the Rite’s activities are woven. Continue reading

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Rites of Passage: Initiation as a Developmental Tool

by Katia Puryear

As a student of ancient ethnological systems and religions, I have noticed various institutions successfully utilized by tribal cultures in raising children to become mature, competent adults. One of these, and probably the most important, is the use of initiations, also called Rites of Passage among coming-of-age ceremonies, which are still used among various indigenous people around the world today. Continue reading

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The Subversion of Perception

It can often be a source of frustration and disillusion when our non-Odinist acquaintances just don’t seem to see things as clearly as we ourselves do. We know instinctively that we are right so why do they have this mental blockage to their own inherent knowledge? Continue reading

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Odinic Values in Family Life & Personal Relationships

Once again it is important I believe for us to go right back to basic principles if we are to understand fully the function which marriage fulfils in society since it is clearly not simply a question of procreation. Continue reading

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