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The Black Sun of Alchemy in Depression and Dark Nights of the Soul

The Black Sun of Alchemy in Depression and Dark Nights of the Soul

How many people here have experienced some form of depression in their lives? How many of you often feel sad about life, are grieving a loss or are despairing of the state of the world and often question what the heck it is all about and just want to resign? Well, according to the medics, you folk in the second group are depressed too! Welcome to the insane world! Continue reading

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Health and Spirituality – An introductory guide to policy and recommended practice for Odinists

By Eowyn OR

In cultures throughout the world, the vital link between health and spirituality has always been recognised; many- such as Buddhists- work with this link in their daily lives today. The ancient Vedic texts written by our ancestors contain much of this wisdom which unfortunately has been marginalised or lost to us as a consequence of our descension into the Kali Yuga aka the Wolf Age and with it, a great agenda that seeks to enslave us all. In particular, our folk have suffered as a direct result of embracing an alien creed, which sees the body and spirit as separate, the body often being regarded as little more than a repository of sin. Continue reading

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Bow Before the Power of the Onion and Despair!

Bow Before the Power of the Onion and Despair!

Lalani Matheson AOR

The onion. We all know it. Probably the most common vegetable for cooking, from raw slices on our hamburgers to the powder we season the meat with. It also seems to fall into the category of either loved unconditionally or loathed completely. Continue reading

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The Return of Self Reliance

By Jennifer H AOR

Self Reliance is one of our NNV. We can be self reliant in any number of areas. However, I would like to take a moment to speak with you about the importance of self reliance in one of the most basic areas of humans existence. Food. Continue reading

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My Potato Project; The Importance of “Organic”

A great video by a young lady by the name of Elise showing how a simple experiment can show the extent that even foods we might consider natural are tampered with and polluted by agrochemicals. Continue reading

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Vaccination: Venom of Jormungandr

By Eowyn OR

There is a common assumption held by many Odinists and non-Odinists alike that vaccination gives Mother Nature a ‘helping hand’ by strengthening our immune systems against viruses and bacteria. Medical Establishment cries to “Vaccinate or Die” and their manipulation of information has coerced millions of people into partaking of vaccination programmes that are measurably lethal to ourselves and our offspring; and it is the evidence from orthodox medical researchers’ own findings that damns them. Continue reading

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Radical Detoxification – Reclaiming the Wild Soul

By Eowyn OR

There is an ancient woman who lives in a place that everyone knows in their souls but few have ever seen. She is circumspect, often hairy, always fat and especially wishes to evade company. She crows and cackles, generally making more animal than human sounds. I might say she lives everywhere and nowhere- in the mountains, buried in a grave; maybe she will be seen walking to market or sitting by a well. Bone Woman is known by many names but always her purpose is to collect bones and especially that which is in danger of being lost to the world. Continue reading

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Cosmetic Ingredients – Part 1

By Solwyn AOR

Most people use products without knowing what an item is made of. Understanding an ingredient label enables you as a consumer to know what it is that you are putting on yourself. Some of these terms you may be familiar with from advertising, and some you may have heard of but have misinterpreted because the terminology in chemistry can be confusing. Still others are just plain nasty and you’re scrubbing them right across your butt every morning in the shower. If you aren’t sure what something is or does, google the term or visit the library, research the pros and cons, and see what some of these ingredients are being put in. Continue reading

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Holographic Ecology: Nemesis of the Loki-ites

By Eowyn OR

There is a great agenda which apparently threatens the very soul-path and evolution of our folk. All folk in the Rite are aware of this fact in some way. We see it in the wanton destruction of our heritage, our lands and our people. Deforestation, relentless road-building, immigration, pollution in our food and water supplies, media-disinformation: all are factors in the equation which I don’t need to elaborate upon. Continue reading

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Your New Awakening: Your Health

by Eowyn OR Within the OR, there has been much discussion about the New Awakening; the usual context appertains to beliefs, what we do and how we behave. These are obviously vital considerations. But equally as important is our individual … Continue reading

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