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The Heron

By Hodekin AOR

An iron grey sky drizzled cold grey rain, Whilst in the lake below, With the rain drip dripping from its long yellow beak, A grey Heron stood statue like by the water’s edge.

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The Stinging Nettle – A paradoxical Green Goddess

It seems they lurk everywhere (if rarely in BC!): by roadsides, railway lines, in ditches, on rubbish tips! For many, they comprise a major division of an army of rebellious weeds that constantly threatens an otherwise perfect garden with imminent siege. And worse still, a brush with the ubiquitous nettle seems as a fiery bite from an evil green dragon! Continue reading

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Trees and Men

Trees and Men

by Seb AOR

At all times, the peoples of Northern Europe have had a special relationship with trees. We find this relationship in our mythology and in our folklore. But we also find it in the everyday life, a symbiosis between men and trees. Indeed, without trees, there certainly never would have been life on earth. This article aims to put forward this symbiotic relationship between trees and men. Continue reading

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Water – Nature’s Sensationally Reflective Medium

By Eowyn OR “No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it” -ALBERT EINSTEIN As great seafarers, water was a major aspect of our ancestor’s lives and, as for us today, an essential element of physical survival. … Continue reading

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The Nettle

  Today the nettle bears a bad reputation – it is considered to be a noxious weed and an evil, stinging plant, to be eradicated from our gardens. However, this reputation is very far from being deserved. Our ancestors regarded … Continue reading

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