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The Rite

The Rite

by Arinbjorn OR I feel It rising within me The Churning Fire flows Like waves on an endless ocean The Fylfot turns, the Wheel rolls And the Millstone grinds I draw it forth and push it out It is my … Continue reading

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Odinic Rite Poetry Competition Results 2266 / 2016ce

Odinic Rite Poetry Competition Results 2266 / 2016ce

In the autumn of last year, the first Odinic Rite poetry competition was opened for entries and submissions were sent in after members and friends of the OR read about it on this website Submissions were carefully managed by competition … Continue reading

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Odinist Poetry Competition Yule 2266

Odinist Poetry Competition Yule 2266

“Ancestors, enlightened Sired of their seed Poetry, wisdom A draught of Woden’s mead…” – an excerpt from the poem ‘Our Wyrd’ by Redwald OR When Odin took a sip of the poetic mead, Wyrd’s web reverberated throughout the cosmos and … Continue reading

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Creation - A tribute to Hervor OR

Creation – A tribute to Hervor OR

By Aeswyn OR

First published in OR Briefing 224 following the departure of Hervor OR from this realm.

I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Hervor and have said that she was an inspiration to me. I now feel that I need to take that statement further to quantify that remark. Continue reading

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By Hodekin AOR

From the dappled leaves of the wooded glade
I look back in time to a darker forest from my past
Here in my blood courses the ancestral memory
Of when we destroyed the legions amidst the trees. Continue reading

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Outpouring of the Folk Soul

Outpouring of the Folk Soul

By Redwald OR

The following verse came forth unexpectedly and quickly. It was written down faster than I could mentally process it, but upon reading it back I realise it is about a number of things; my recent consideration of meditation; a song which was written by my good friend Lee J, ‘Lost Between the Lines’; my constant frustration with the social constraints I endure daily but one day hope to see an end to and a desperate desire to encourage others of my folk to tune into their folk-soul and rediscover who they really are. Continue reading

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Gallant One

Gallant One

By Kris N AOR
ORBriefing 221 – Spring 2261

I am joy,
Great and Gallant.
I am war ready. Continue reading

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Rune Song

Rune Song

By Kris N AOR

Fehu is wealth in family
Uruz, primal energy
And Thrizaz is the strength within thee
Ansuz breathes Odin’s words Continue reading

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The Great Theft - Part 3

The Great Theft – Part 3

By Wayne W AOR Part 1 Part 2 The sky outside the window had darkened, and the snow was falling quickly now. The Old Man stood again and looked out the window. He could see no sign of his family, … Continue reading

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By Dominic H AOR

Of Words and deeds like pebbles thrown
Into the deep clear lake of time
Their ripples touch our thoughts and hopes
And weave their subtle rhyme Continue reading

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