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The Great Theft – Part 2

By Wayne W AOR

The sky outside the window hard darkened, and the snow was falling quickly now. The Old Man stood again and looked out the window. He could see no sign of his family, and the tree line just a few hundred feet away was barely visible through the falling snow. Far off he thought he heard the sound of thunder. Thunder! Continue reading

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The Great Theft – Part 1

By Wayne W AOR

The Old Man sat by the fire, the warmth easing the pains of aching bones. In the other room the voices were hushed, trying not to disturb him. He was old and deep down he knew his time was near, a year or so was perhaps all he had left. It was not something he feared, or dreaded; he had lived a good life, lived to see his children grow true and strong, lived to see them have fine children of their own. Continue reading

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A War Of Words And Wit: A Literary Analysis Of The Hárbarðsljóð

by Casey AOR

Contrary to mainstream belief of Old Norse culture, intelligence was a highly valued characteristic of men, sometimes even more so than strength and power. Therefore, it is no surprise that the chief god of the Norse, Odin, disguised here as the ferryman Harbarth, is the patron of not only warriors but also the wise. Continue reading

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Odin and the Tower

By Harry S AOR

Nothing could escape Odin’s eye when he sat in his High Seat of Hlidskjalf. He would cast himself onto its velvet upholstery, and let his mind move over all the worlds. One particular day, not so long ago in the memory of our people, he sat there and gazed over the multiverse. Continue reading

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From a Word to a Word

By Volksieg AOR

Language is one of the greatest tools and gifts mankind has ever wielded. Imagine a world without language? The rich inner world we each inhabit and explore cannot even take shape without the tools which language has provided. Continue reading

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The Great Theft – Part 1

By Wayne W AOR

The Boy sat forward as if he knew the words being spoken were for him and him alone. And in the flickering light at the dying of the year The Old Man told The Boy the tale of The Great Theft. Continue reading

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Onwards, Our Folk!

A poem by Suzi Marsden in honour of all those who have fallen in defence of faith, folk and family. Continue reading

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You, Our Father Odin – Renée Vivien

by Renée Vivien (1907)

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To Each His Own

by Ludwig Fahrenkrog (translation by Hariulf OR)

Your dark churches do not please me! I prefer the bright and shining sun!
And my women are a thousand times more dear to me Than your painted Madonna Continue reading

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Doorway To Valhalla

I have thoughts I can’t express,
In words I don’t yet know;
About a Land that’s best,
To which I’m soon to go. Continue reading

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