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Doorway To Valhalla

Doorway To Valhalla

I have thoughts I can’t express,
In words I don’t yet know;
About a Land that’s best,
To which I’m soon to go. Continue reading

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Identifying and analysing allegory in Germanic Folklore - Part One: The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales

Identifying and analysing allegory in Germanic Folklore – Part One: The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales

by Sam Coles AOR

The Folk Tales of Europe are a treasure that many of our folk overlook, often belittling them as at best children’s stories, and at worst condemning them as utter nonsense not worth the paper they are written on. This is a terrible error of judgement, because as many of us will know, such tales often contain the Folk-Wisdom of our ancient ancestors (albeit encoded in allegory), and such wisdom is often said to be far greater than any we possess today in our endless search for ‘knowledge’. Continue reading

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The Journey - Part IV: The Revolution

The Journey – Part IV: The Revolution

by Redwald AOR

The cool breeze brought a tantalising smell of springtime, and Dylan breathed deeply as he pushed his wheelbarrow down the garden path. He stopped and surveyed the barren looking ground before him, then closed his eyes and tried to picture how it would look in a few months’ time. Continue reading

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Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest

By Aeswyn OR

I gazed in awe at the beautiful landscape before me, a delicate forest of silver white trees. The topmost branches heavy and bent under the weight of curling and intertwined foliage. Shaped so by some long departed and forgotten gale.

Nothing moved in this enchanted and enchanting scene. Continue reading

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Heimdal, the Shining One

By Sam Coles AOR

Armour of silver, helmet golden,
Sword of gleaming sun-fire,
The Defender of Asgard’s peaceful realm. Continue reading

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Spirits of the Land

Spirits of the Land

By Aeswyn OR

Out of the ether they come to us
Those spirits ethereal.
But there is no place
For them to dwell. Continue reading

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Traces of Germanic Deities in the “God” of Beowulf

By Jim AOR

In examining references to the Christian god in Beowulf, we can discern the presence of pre-Christian Germanic deities. Many academics today minimize the etymology of certain terms found in Beowulf and many translators use their poetic license to dilute the Heathen meanings of these same terms. Yet we can see in many ways the presence of Wyrd, the Norns, and sacral kingship in Beowulf. These implied uses of pre-Christian deities reinforce the idea that the church had not “won” in England in the early middle ages and still had to compromise with the Odinic spirit of the Anglo-Saxons. Continue reading

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The Journey – Part III

By Phil AOR

Sweat ran down Dylan’s face, despite the sub-zero temperatures. He knew he had to rest; just for a few minutes in order to get some food inside him. A rocky outcrop appeared along the path, and Dylan quickened his pace. Moments later he was squatting down beside his rucksack, out of reach of the icy wind. He stuffed his map case inside his coat and flexed his hands in an attempt to get the blood circulating, then rapidly sought out his flask and sandwiches. Continue reading

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The Soul of England

By Juleigh Howard-Hobson AOR They lay close to what we were told to know Of where they would be. Each knight, each horse, all Asleep within the hollow hill. Although We were told the old tales, told to recall Them, … Continue reading

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Change: The Myth of the Giant Maiden

By Hervor OR

Once upon a far and distant time, when the Gods were young – ere the First War was fought, or a wall built round Asgard – when we all lived in the forest and nobody lived anywhere else, the lad, Thor, sat on a shining summit of the Sacred Mountain, and looked out over the Earth. Continue reading

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