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Living the 9 Noble Virtues while being a stay-at-home father

Living the 9 Noble Virtues while being a stay-at-home father

Being forced to be home bound and to switch roles as a provider with my wife was a hard truth to have to face. But what I soon had to realize was that what I’m providing is truly invaluable to my kids & to my family. Continue reading

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The 9 Noble Virtues - A Suitable Hierarchy

The 9 Noble Virtues – A Suitable Hierarchy

By K Nowakowski AOR

We took the Nine Noble Virtues, first defining each one as applied to the self and arranged in order of what we thought is a suitable hierarchy of importance and gave a brief explanation. This is a personal assertion that you may or may not agree with, though, thought provoking as it is I hope it presents an additional way to consider these virtues regarded so. Continue reading

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About Industriousness

About Industriousness

As OR members, we are expected to live our lives according to the Nine Noble Virtues. Of course, this is not an easy task and it’s even very difficult at times. But we all join the OR by our free will and it’s by our free will that we have accepted to work to promote the OR and Odinism. It’s by our free will that we accept to strive to live by the NNV. Nobody forces us; it’s our own choice. Among the NNV, there is one that I find very important if we want to see our Sacred Faith advance: INDUSTRIOUSNESS Continue reading

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A brief synopsis of the nine noble virtues in the modern world

A brief synopsis of the nine noble virtues in the modern world

By Rory H. AOR Courage A small word I am sure that everyone would agree, and not a word that is heard too much these days. Whether that is because of the current trend for people to be mindless, state … Continue reading

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The 3 Secrets

The 3 Secrets

By Reginhard OR

I heard it said once; “If you see a problem in the world, you be the change that solves the problem.” So what I would like to discuss is how do we stand up and be that solution. How can we work towards strengthening our folk. Continue reading

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Hospitality as Solidarity

Hospitality as Solidarity

by Michael Boyd AOR

Hospitality is a virtue, one of our Noble Nine Virtues, that is rarely discussed or written about by Odinists due to its self-explanatory, popular meaning. I think we should explore this virtue deeper however, and discover its folkish rather than popular implications as concerns Odinism as a healthy religious movement and evolving theology. Continue reading

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The Noble Nine

by Thorsigurd AOR. Courage is my strength To withstand wretched foes To sail against the storm And the will to insist Honour is my will To defend my dear folk My moral in battle And the drive to do Good … Continue reading

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The Nine Noble Virtues and Charges of the Odinic Rite

The 9 Noble Virtues
The moral code of the Odinic Rite was codified from The Hávamál and The Sigrdrífomál (poems from the Elder Edda) in the early 1970’s. Continue reading

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