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Hama Status - A Journey

Hama Status – A Journey

By Redwald OR

It was Woden’s day in Horning 2009 when I performed the inaugural blot to celebrate my newly acquired Hama status – ‘Hama of the Golden Harvest’, named to honour and reflect my rural surroundings. Taking this new step forward, all I had to go on was an instinctive feeling that Odinism was something I felt in my gut rather than read in a book, along with an article by Eowyn OR on the Hama. Continue reading

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The day I met my Fylgia

The day I met my Fylgia

By Thomas B AOR

The meditation concept is something really vast. I’m probably not alone in thinking that but I had a lot of trouble understanding it and even after a year it’s not always easy. I think the hardest part about that process is to find a way which allows you to shut everything down while opening yourself at the same time. It’s not really clear but to put it another way, you cut yourself from your surroundings to find the part of you buried deep inside. Continue reading

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The Great Moot - Observations from a first timer!

The Great Moot – Observations from a first timer!

By Hodekin AOR

The Great Moot… What a wonderful title to conjure with! And for someone who is still very much a newcomer to the OR, and in spite of the many posts on the forum which said everyone would be welcome and no one would be left alone, for me it was still something of a daunting prospect to attend a meeting in which I would come face to face with the very people who I regard as being the living breathing heroes of the Great Awakening. Continue reading

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The Green Ray in Midgarth

The Green Ray in Midgarth

By Gythia Eowyn OR

The depression many people experience today is not just sadness: it is a dark night of the soul because the influence of the fylgia in our lives is being severely constricted, if not effectively suffocated. It is integral to the soul of Nature so that there is a synchronous relationship between what we perceive as our own soul and that of the Natural World. Literally, we feel the pain of the natural world. Continue reading

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The Trials and Tribulations of the Solitary Newbie Seeker of Odinism

The Trials and Tribulations of the Solitary Newbie Seeker of Odinism

By Hodekin AOR

When a person first embarks on the path of Odinism they are at once confronted with a whole new raft of exciting highs and often, depressing lows. It is true that in these early days, discoveries and disappointments can be found in equal measure and it usually takes some time before the new seeker can successfully get their head around what in real terms is a life changing experience. Very often, one of the more common downsides that can be encountered by a newcomer to Odinism is the problem of solitude! Continue reading

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The Red Kite: A modern allegory tale of our folk

The Red Kite: A modern allegory tale of our folk

By Rob M AOR

I am very lucky to now live in a very rural part of Britain having finally managed to escape the urban setting. Recently one day, as I lay outside in my garden with my eyes closed, I heard the familiar sound of a bird calling. It’s a sound I instantly recognise and immediately know all is well on Midgard. The distinctive pitch of the red kite.

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Points to ponder

Points to ponder

By Robert G AOR

It is little wonder that you believe the world revolves around you. After all, you have been at the very center of every experience you have ever had. You are the star of your own movie. You wrote the script. You know how you want it to unfold. You even know how you want it to end. Unfortunately the Wyrd failed to give your script to anyone else.

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Creation - A tribute to Hervor OR

Creation – A tribute to Hervor OR

By Aeswyn OR

First published in OR Briefing 224 following the departure of Hervor OR from this realm.

I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Hervor and have said that she was an inspiration to me. I now feel that I need to take that statement further to quantify that remark. Continue reading

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Odin and Nietzsche: Will and Service to Folk

Odin and Nietzsche: Will and Service to Folk

By Taven Odinkaur AOR

I don’t wear a Hammer.

I am going to admit right now, Folks, I only wear a Valknut. I am an Odinist , literally. Nothing against Thor and his hallowing Hammer, the mighty weapon of the common farmers. I greatly respect the Friend of Man, and his personal devotees are good Folk, but Odin is where my affinity lies.

Why? Continue reading

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In England’s green and pleasant land...

In England’s green and pleasant land…

or ‘An experience of the sacred and what I did when I got there’

By Volksieg AOR

Due to recent, and not so recent, personal problems, I had found myself succumbing to stress to the point where I had started to question everything that was good in my life. Every day seemed to bring more troubles (real and imagined), more feelings of stagnation and hopelessness. It was whilst in one of those terrible sinking moments that I discovered, with the help of my good comrade Harry S, a rather magical place of healing and I would like to take this opportunity to share this experience with you all. Continue reading

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