Doorway To Valhalla

| April 25, 2011
Doorway To Valhalla

by Wayne W AOR

I have thoughts I can’t express,
In words I don’t yet know;
About a Land that’s best,
To which I’m soon to go.

Lying in the mud,
A sword wound in my gut;
I remember all that’s good;
The Norns have made their cut.

With brothers I fought and fell,
But the foe has won this field;
To our folk we bid you tell,
We stood, we did not yield.

Realisation dawns,
We wait with baited breath;
We know our family mourns,
The doorway Home is Death.

The shift from 1st person singular to 1st person plural is deliberate; intended to signify a realisation that the individual becomes completely aware that he/she is actually part of a whole.

Category: Poetry & Prose

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