Energies and Rituals

| July 1, 2018
Energies and Rituals

By Hariulf CG

It may be that we are not aware, but as individuals, we have a great importance in the Multiverse and in Creation. As stated in a previous article (Our Personal Energy), each of us as has certain amount of personal energy. It is also important to remember that each of our actions, words and thoughts are energy. So we have all a role to play and we can all bring changes into the great Wyrd’s Web.

To better explain my idea, I will take an example. I’m sure that you all know about acupuncture. The therapist pushes a needle into a tiny skin point and the result appears in a distant and larger organ. The needle serves as a kind of “interface” to create an energy connection.

As individuals we also can, like the acupuncturist’s needle, serve as interface for the cosmic, multiversal energies.

We should imagine our Folk as a great organism and each of its members as a cell of this great body. I think that we are all aware that this body (our own Folk) is becoming ever more sick due to the degeneration of a lot of its cells.

So what can we do against this situation as individual and as members of the OR? We can act as an “interface” like the acupuncturist’s needle. During our daily Rituals, during our Blotar, during our Special Ritual (Midgard Wide Rituals etc) we are able to serve as a mediator to send our energy through not only Midgard but also through the Multiverse.
During our individual rituals we can raise and send our energies to other people, such as when somebody is sick and they ask for energy and we perform the Healing blot.

During the Midgard Wide Rituals or the International Guardian’s Weekend Blot we are able to raise energies and to send them to Mother Jorth but also to our Folk and the OR. When we perform those Special Rituals, we are united spiritually with our brothers and sisters across Midgard and we are able to create a wave of positive energy which ripples across Wyrd’s Web. By performing those rituals we are able to raise energy not only to strengthen, but also to heal our lands, our Folk, our Folk soul and Mother Jorth.

During our monthly Blotar we are able to share energies with our Gods and Goddesses and also with our ancestors and successors, and our folk soul. This is a symbiotic exchange, a gift for a gift. By our Blotar, with our energy we are able to strengthen our Gods and Goddesses, our Folk Soul and Mother Jorth.

We also all know that for centuries there has been an assault against the integrity of our folk unit, but that this assault has really gone into full offensive since the early years of the last century and has increased each decade since then. There is an attack against the Aryan Archetype by evil powers. To quote a part of the Eowyn’s article “Defending the Archetype”: “We are warriors from the most holy wars, from a mythical, eternal, cosmic war. Because there is a myth to be defended, for which to fight and die, inside and out.”
This war occurs not only on the material plane but also on the spiritual plane. For the people attending the last GM, a part of the special ritual was to raise energies to empower the Aryan Archetype.

So I think that it is really important and vital for each of us, whether we are hearth members or not, to perform not only the monthly Blotar but also the Special Rituals and some Daily Ritual. During these rituals we are able to raise a lot of energies and act as an “interface” to share those energies which empower, strengthen and heal our members, our Folk, our Folk Soul, our Lands, our Mother Jorth, our Gods and Goddesses and also our Aryan Archetype. If all our members sacrifice a little of their time and energy to perform regular rituals then we will be able to raise an enormous amount of energy across the Odal Lands for strengthening the archetype and helping it to stand steadfast against the foe that would blight us and Mother Jorth.

Our Rituals are about positive change, positive energies for us, but also for all the Creation and Multiverse. Like the acupuncturist’s needle, each of us can have an effect on distant and larger (or also smaller) organs.

Hail the High Ones

Hail the Rite

Hail Hyperborea Rising Again.


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