Are there any OR Hearths or members in my area?

People often ask, “are there members/hearths in this city” or that city or wherever it is that the person asking may be. Well the simple answer for anyone who joins will be yes, you! And for a while you may be the only one, but you will not be alone.

The OR is about building to advance Odinism. If there are no members or hearths in your area then will you walk away? Or will you be the first and become the beacon that guides others. Odinists should not wait around for others to build something before deciding to get involved, they should be the builders.

Joining the OR gives you access to a community and to many people who started out where you are now; solitary, looking for answers and the comradeship of fellow Odinists.

Time and again we see in areas where previously there were no members, a motivated and active individual joins us and before long there is a hearth in that area. That is the OR way. Then the next time someone asks “are there members in this area” we can say “yes!”

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