Does the OR have a prisoner outreach program?

Initially the Odinic Rite set up an outreach program but it soon became clear that “Outreach” did not adequately describe the work we were doing. So the “Prison Affairs Bureau” was created and it now oversees all OR prison activities.

Outreach is still a major part of our activities but also the PAB is involved with campaigns for religious rights and also acts in a consultative capacity to prison and federal authorities.

The PAB also operated a book/DVD drives ensuring that our incarcerated members have access to faith related materials in line with other religions.

Our goal is to provide relevant information and to provide spiritual and emotional tools so men and women who chose Odinism can become responsible for their actions, deal with prison life, and eventually re-enter society with an eye on positive contribution and balanced lives. Ultimately we are practical minded, with an interest in applying Odinism to modern challenges.

Please see our PAB site for more information.

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