What are the aims of the Odinic Rite?

The Odinic Rite is an organization whose aims are to promote all aspects of our ancestral religion today called Odinism, the organic spiritual beliefs and way of life of the indigenous peoples of Northern Europe. The watch-words of the Odinic Rite are “Faith, Folk, Family” and this summarizes their ideals well.Odinism is an entire and whole system – a way of “being”. It is concerned with all aspects of our folk – cultural, historical, ecological, mystical etc. etc. It is concerned with the ethics of social behavior, our relationships with one another and nature, with the whole of life.

Odinism defines our unique identity as a folk and as individuals within that folk organism. Odinists believe they cannot properly respect other folk until they can respect themselves. Odinism is seen not only as a link with the past, but as a strength for the present and a desire for a noble future.

As the Odinic religion is seen as a way of life – our inherited culture – Odinists feel they have a duty to pass it on to their children and to encourage their country men and women to find their own path. As our inspiration, we try to learn from it, and we seek to protect it, defend it, preserve it, advance and extend it, to bring about the New Awakening.

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