What do I get as a member?

There are many benefits that come with membership of the world’s longest running, continually active Odinist movement. Some can be easily named as below but others must be experienced and will vary depending on the individual.

On acceptance of a member’s application they will receive their first copy of ORBriefing, the members’ quarterly e-journal and Rimstock, a directory detailing the OR festivals, events and contact information.

Members may also added to the OR’s online discussion forum, a virtual community bringing together members from around the world. The forum is a place where all kinds of subjects relating to the OR and Odinism are discussed and gatherings, events etc. are planned.

Most of all what you get is the membership and support of the OR community, a family of dedicated people who work for the new awakening of our folk.

We believe that what you get out of OR membership is directly proportionate to what you are prepared to put in. The OR is like a living organism which relies on its members to thrive and grow.

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