What does OR membership entail?

The OR is a movement of volunteers, all having different strengths and weaknesses, different levels of ability and abilities. Within the Rite members strive to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses, while believing in self-responsibility. The OR will show loyalty to its members and expects that loyalty to be returned.Members are expected to seek to abide the 9 Noble Virtues and Charges and to adhere to the following:

1. To strive for the advancement of the Odinic Rite, to promote its prosperity and spirituality and to sustain its worship and discipline.

2. To maintain family loyalty.

3. To educate one’s children in the spirit of the Odinic Rite.

4. In all ways to be zealous in one’s efforts to advance the interests of our holy religion.

5. To regard fellow members as comrades.

6. To aid and be aided in sickness and distress.

7. To maintain courtesy of speech.

8. To be slow to take offence and to be ready for reconciliation without delay.

These apply as much to the Apprentice member as the Professed member.

Members of the Odinic Rite place high regard on the importance of the family and encourage at least one night a week be reserved as Family Night which is spent at home with the family and perhaps invited fellow Odinists who might otherwise spend the evening alone or in non-Odinist company. Hospitality is one of the Noble Virtues of the Odinic Rite. The importance of sworn oaths should be remembered.

Members are expected to always behave in a way that is consistent with OR membership and be aware that their activities may reflect on the Odinic Rite.