What is “Profession”?

The ceremony of profession confirms before the Gods and men a person’s restoration to their true indigenous faith and their dedication to the Rite. They become full members of the Odinic Rite, Odin’s Holy Nation.

It is not a step to be taken frivolously, for it is a very holy ceremony where irrevocable oaths are sworn.

The act of profession is irrevocable by the individual: although we speak of “members” of the Odinic Rite, it is not possible to “resign” as though it were a club. The Odinic Rite is regarded as a folk community, the Nation of Odin. Once professed, the oaths taken always apply.

In order to become professed member, an apprentice must:

1. Have been a member for at least one year (this in an absolute minimum, although it is unlikely that an existing professed member would be willing to sponsor an application after such a short time.)

2. Have shown an active commitment to the advancement of Odinism and the OR

3. Find another already professed member to “sponsor” them.

4. Find an already professed member to conduct the ritual of profession.

5. Complete an application form from the Secretary of the Court of Gothar and have their application approved by the Court of Gothar

6. Make a “torc”* (to be invested during the ritual) which is the symbol of the professed member – their “badge” of honor.

A professed member uses the initials OR after their name. (note: members of the Court of Gothar use the initials CG after their name).

*Over the years the OR “torc” has evolved into a gorget design. It must be made of a natural material with metal being most common but wood and leather have also been used.

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