What is the meaning of the OR logo?

The Triskel is a very ancient symbol and there are many differing views about its meaning.

To Odinists the number 3 is a holy number and it can be seen throughout our mythology. It is also the square root of 9, another very important number. It represents completeness and can signify the union of two opposite forces giving rise to a third.

On one level this could be seen as signifying the family – the father and mother whose union gives birth to the child yet, as with so much in Odinism, it can be viewed and understood on many levels.

The specific Triskel symbol used by the OR today, along with the Faith, Folk and Family motto (another 3!) first appeared on the back page of ORBriefing number 112 in October 1991. The design of the black OR triskel on a red background creates 3 blood drops which is wonderfully symbolic of Faith, Folk and Family, things to which we are linked by blood.

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