Hans M’s Profession Report

| June 4, 2012
Hans M’s Profession Report

By Hans M OR

I started on my Odinic path about eight years ago. I was living in Redding when I found this path; a kinsman of mine gave me a pamphlet on the Runes. This pamphlet taught me about the Runes and then I learned more teaching myself about them through books and meditation. I think that, for me, this was a big steppingstone.

I was still using drugs at this time and I was studying the Nine Noble Virtues as well to help find myself.

I cleaned up, a few years later, after doing my first term in prison. When I got out my older sister Brandy died of an overdose. That really tore me apart and I felt like my whole world was tumbling down upon me.

Then I caught a violation that sent me back to prison.

When I got out I had no place to go so I was motel-surfing which was not my best choice in life. I ran into my daughter’s mom and was spending time with her and my daughter. A few weeks went by and I saw her new boyfriend beating her and a female friend of mine so I intervened and defended both of them and, in the process, got stabbed.

I almost lost my life that night.

Almost losing my life brought me to a realization that the Gods were looking out for me and, from that point, I tried to live a fully Odinic life. I stumbled and used again which sent me back to prison for a few years where I read and learned more about our lore.

When I was out once more, I stayed clean and out for another 2 years then, unfortunately, I was sent back for helping a pregnant girl I knew and got another 3 year term where I met my shield brother who helped and taught me about our faith in a deep and meaningful way and also how to practice what we learn in our day-to-day life. He then introduced me to the OR and, at that point, I knew where my home was. It was with the OR.

I was paroled to my dad’s house, in Rocklin CA, where I worked for him and learned how to live by my/our values and I also joined the OR. My wife and I met, and soon ended up hanging out, as she was looking for an Odinist to get together with. Sue, my wife, joined the OR and we ended up going down to Bakersfield to spend Yule with Gunther. It was great to spend time with kinsmen and like-minded folk. I then put in an application to the Court of Gothar for my Hearth.

The Hearth , Wolf Moon Hearth, was approved on January 11, 2011 which was a huge steppingstone for me as an individual. As a Hearth we were doing pub Moots and it was a great point in time as we met my good friend and kinsmen, whom I now consider my brother, Rob Goodson.

I came to realize, later on, that the pub Moots were just a waste of time so, as a Hearth, we came to a decision on this matter.

We built a small community and learned a lot through this and, when my wife and I got hand fasted, it was so magical… something I would never give up for all the money in the world.

Rob and I have read and studied a lot through the time that we have known each other, and I see for myself that I have grown a lot as well. I think that this was due to the Odinic Rite’s literature, like the books by the Circle of Ostara, which I had lent Rob who took months to get them back to me. They were a great help in learning about some important points in our faith.

Now to move forward to the Profession.


We met at Taco Bell in Williams CA and it was great to meet up with Athelwulf OR and his family as well as the two Mikes from Redding. We found a spot off Highway 20 that was a dirt road and it took about an hour to get there off-roading in my wife’s Honda Civic. We found this spot that was so wonderful- I feel that the Gods had placed it there for us to find to do this powerful rite.

When we showed up, there was this great rock formation that I thought was fitting on Thorsday. It rained right before the rite but then cleared just in time for it to be performed. I think this was a sign from the Gods and Goddesses showing their approval.

Athelwulf OR started the Need Fire by flint and steel which, I feel, was a natural and powerful moment for the start of a new and powerful road ahead. I think that when the fire was started it was like when our ancestors started the Need Fire for whatever the purpose of the fire was at that point.

As I took my oaths I felt every atom and molecule in my body start to surge. It was so powerful! Something I have never felt before.

When I took the oaths, I was in a spot that nobody could understand unless they had gone through with something this magical and important to the individual. I could also say that I felt I was welcomed into a brotherhood that is hard to explain. When the Torc was placed around my neck, I felt the hard work and devotion to the Torc as well as to the Odinic Rite as a home that will always be there no matter what.

For me the Torc is a symbol of freedom from my past life and the slavery that most of the world knows. It is also an icon that states we are our deeds so, in that, I must live up to that statement.

After the profession, we all gathered around and hung out for a while, which was a great time to talk to Athelwulf OR and the Mikes. We then left, on a very bumpy road, back to Williams. The Mikes soon headed back home while Athelwulf OR, Sue, Bobby and I had dinner at a Chinese restaurant which was pretty good.

I know that Athelwulf OR and I are now connected in Wyrd, no matter what life may bring our way.

Hans M OR

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