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Odinic Rite Membership

If you wish to apply to join the Odinic Rite and support our work for the advancement of Odin’s Holy Nation you can do so by clicking on the relevent link and filling out the application form. We have separate applications for those in Vinland (US & Canada) and those in the UK/Rest of the world. This is purely for administrative reasons.

We also have a discounted membership for incarcerated Vinlanders. Although they may not have access to this site they are often joined up by kinsfolk on the outside. At present there is no demand from prisoners outside of Vinland but if you wish to join on behalf of a non Vinland prisoner please contact us to discuss rates.

You have the option of printing off and posting an application form or joining online using Paypal. Non UK/Vinland residents are encouraged to use Paypal as all currency conversions are dealt with automatically saving on time and cost for all involved.

Please note, not all are accepted for membership. The Odinic Rite is a community of like-minded individuals and families and we reserve to investigate any applicants and decline membership if the applicant is considered unsuitable. Your application will be considered by the Court of Gothar and the OR Information Committee who may require more information from you before proceeding. Failure to supply any relevant information on your application form or when requested by the OR may delay any decision and could lead to rejection of your application. If your application is accepted you will be contacted by your regional office and officially welcomed. Please note that as we are a volunteer organization this may take some time and you should allow at least 28 days before enquiring about the status of your application.

If your application is rejected you will be notified and given a full refund.

Apply US/Canada

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