Last Stand

| December 1, 2010

By Phil AOR
First published in ORB 203, Yule 2256

At Odin’s side we now await,

That which would become our fate,

We fight a war with words not steel,

We fight a foe we cannot feel,

As brave kinsfolk stand by our side,

We know we cannot run or hide,

Nor whine and grovel as fashion dictates,

Nor pray for passage through Pearly Gates,

We must stand against the evil within,

And give a wink and a knowing grin,

For we know there’s no field of battle or blood,

Nor marching boots or iron or mud,

And the battle we fight isn’t one that we know,

And our brothers awaken a little too slow,

But we’ll face our foul enemy all the same,

And by the Gods we’ll beat them at their tricky game.

Hail the New Dawn

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Category: Poetry & Prose

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