No alliances with Wicca

| August 20, 2009

First published in 1987

For some years now, through the pages of ORB, there has been much discussion as to whether the Odinic Rite should form alliances with other groups loosely termed ‘pagan’. Such groups as ‘Wicca’ come to mind immediately. But, in reality, how close do such movements as Wicca come to the ideals of Odinism?

The Wiccan movement would appear to have its roots in the Crowley – OTO fraternity, thus stemming from the same roots as ‘chaos magic’. It would thus seem that Wicca – OTO – Chaos form a loose universal occult network, all stemming from what we may call the ‘magi-illuminati’ fraternity. The ideal of such occult groups is embodied in the term ‘the Great Work’ and all such groups, including Wicca, swear oaths to continue this so-called ‘Great Work’. So what exactly is ‘the Great Work’ and how does it compare with the aims of the Odinic Rite?

The Great Work is outlined in the book ‘Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God’ written by Kenneth Grant who assumed the leadership of one of the OTO orders that emerged after the death of Crowley in 1947. From it we glean that the Great Work entails the Union of the Five: and the Six: god and man, man and woman, beast and angel, sun and moon. Grant explains that this is the consciously-willed union of opposites that would create an ‘event-act’. He goes on to explain: ‘Sociologically interpreted, this may imply the dissolution of all barriers that hinder the free exchange of nations, races and sexes, an instantaneous union of entities which owing to artificial codes of conduct, have been considered disparate and unfusable.’

The ‘event-act’ referred to appears to be based upon the use of sex magic ritual and we are told that, in the Great Work, if a sufficient number of ‘event- acts’ are aggregated and performed under will then a ‘new god’ is born and a ‘New Aeon’ is ushered in. Crowley maintained the inevitability of a New Aeon and that this would be heralded by a universal bloodbath: ‘Force and Fire’ as it is aptly put.

The glyph of the Great Work is ‘Baphomet’, the Goat of Mendes, an androgynous symbol of this union of opposites: man and woman, eagle and serpent, beast and angel, etc. Other symbols of this are the eleven-pointed star or glyph of the Templars, the Rose-Cross and the Ankh. This symbol of Baphomet is used equally by Chaos, OTO and Wicca. It is a symbol of the Fool or the Trickster, who is the great God of Time, an image of the Dark Lord who could variously be called IHVH-Jehovah, Saturn-Satan or Surt-Loki among many other titles including ‘the Goddess’ of Wicca, for the symbol embodies male-female.

How can Odinism reconcile itself to Wicca which takes the path of darkness? And how can Odinists make alliance with those who would consciously will the ‘dissolution of all barriers that hinder the free exchange of nations, races and sexes ‘, which means the total destruction of all nations, races and sexual differences? And the ‘event-act’ aggregated to produce a ‘new god’ could only produce a new manifestation of the Dark Lord for the new age that is dawning!

Grant considers ‘the barriers that hinder the free exchange of nations, races and sexes’ to be due to ‘artificial codes’ of conduct. If this were so, why then, we may ask, is it necessary to impose oppressive race laws and sex laws upon the people in order to force such a change? If such barriers were artificial they would dissolve naturally. That they do not is a sure indication that nature herself decrees through her laws that there a r e such natural differences of race and sex.

There may be an even more sinister motive behind the Wiccan idea of a union with Odinism and with the Odinic Rite. Wicca has never kept secret its ‘feminist’ roots and that it worships ‘the Goddess’, so making it matriarchal. Odinism has never been patriarchal but the Wiccan movement has always declared it to be so. In trying to unite with Odinism it could be trying to cause a ‘magical event-act’ whereby the union of opposites is the end result. This motive alone is enough reason for the Odinic Rite never to make any type of alliance with them. Odinists hold to their kinfolk and to our past, but only in order to create a future for our folk. Wicca, in taking oaths to continue the Great Work, and thus all its adherents who have sworn this oath, is sworn to the destruction of our folk. There is reason enough never to compromise with such people.

Interestingly, some of those who advocated such an alliance in ORB some years ago were the very same ones who were engaged in the antics designed to cause a split in the Odinic Rite in recent times. Many longstanding and respected members of the OR have all made strong warnings of any such alliance or dealings with Wicca and the occult. These warnings should be heeded if the Odinic Rite is to continue and regenerate our folk. We do not need anyone else nor do we need those who would eventually destroy us.

Outside of our Odinist faith are many millions of decent people who are spiritually lost. As christianity wanes many of its adherents will be looking to alternative spiritual outlets. They will be looking for those who hold moral and ethical values in a time of degeneracy and they will not find them in the occult or in Wicca. But they will find them within the Odinic Rite

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