Odinic Rite Poetry Competition Results 2266 / 2016ce

| January 14, 2017
Odinic Rite Poetry Competition Results 2266 / 2016ce

In the autumn of last year, the first Odinic Rite poetry competition was opened for entries and submissions were sent in after members and friends of the OR read about it on this website http://www.odinic-rite.org/main/odinist-poetry-competition-yule-2266/

Submissions were carefully managed by competition organiser Redwald OR to ensure anonymity during the judging process. Entries were printed, given a unique identification number and sent by post to our esteemed judge, Penda OR.

Penda carefully read through all entries over the Yuletide period and finally came to his decision, which consisted of a Winner and two Commendations, who have been informed via email.

Redwald OR and Penda OR would like to sincerely thank all those who entered the competition. Poetry and the arts are an intrinsic part of our faith and we hope this competition will grow over the years and become an important part of the OR’s calendar.

Please look out for the next competition, opening in autumn 2267 / 2017ce.

The winning poem and commendations are published below.



by C.D. Wulfkil

Yule is here
Dark time of year

Inside I feel
A change is near
I feel no fear
Death’s always near
Years and years
Shed no tears
We all leave here

The Fame of a dead man’s deeds
Glory you need
Courage you see
Dynasties keys
Live your life
Know no strife
Banish false Gods from your sight
Win your fights
All this I think
During Winter Nights….


Commendation 1

by Ian K

Full face’d lantern
A traveller’s welcome friend
Night’s shining shield

Bold night time crescent
Your power still visible
Scimitar of the dark

A sliver of light
Where is your silvery glow?
Oh, Sunna’s brother


Commendation 2

by Bjorn AOR

The wheel turns, the fire burns
We give thanks to balder for his return

Winter nights so long and cold
We yearn for fields of green and gold
And long hot days where we bask and bathe
In Sol’s warm and nourishing rays

But for now we must wait ’till winter is done
So we feast and make fun
Around the Hearth we gather to feel the warmth of the winter fire

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