ODINISM – Our Faith, Heritage and Identity – Part 3

| August 20, 2009

by Heimgest DCG
First published in ORB No. 108, May 1991

This is an important time for our movement, one of those times of extra potency when we can use our limited resources for positive advance.

When our faith was supplanted by the alien creed from the Levant and its later outgrowth, materialism, our Gods did not cease to exist, but our people ceased to recognise them. Though buried beneath layers of poison, the roots of our faith remained. Our Gods still spoke to us – but our folk did not know where these voices came from. Those who accepted them as the sound of the ‘God Force’, knew only the alien desert God and much that was Odinic was attributed to Christianity. People speak of ‘decent christian values’ when most of these have nothing to do with Christianity, but are the simple codes of decency observed in any ‘civilised’ society.

Many great adventures and landmarks of civilisation have been attributed to ‘Christian’ inspiration, but it was not the voice of the Judeo/Christian God that stirred the blood and soul of our people. Those who rejected the God of the Bible, or any God, considered the inspirations and advances to be due to man alone. But our Gods remained to whisper to us.

Now, again we see people searching for the Gods’ voices, and many are confused. Centuries of propaganda and domination are not quickly undone and for many of our folk identity is clouded. You will find some who have rejected one alien deity only to follow another just as foreign; who may proclaim that an ethnic religion is best for the folk from whom that religion evolved, but at the same time involve themselves in all manner of alien religious systems, trying them on like shirts – one week Egyptian, one week Black African – any Gods or magic they can find except their own. How did this come about? Why will some rightly proclaim that the monuments built by our ancient ancestors are holy sites, worthy of respect and protection, but deem the blood continuance of the people who built them as not worth the same respect?

Some of these people are just weak, some are perverse, but many simply do not know their own identity, or having been conditioned by the ‘official line’ feel ashamed of it. They hear the voices of the Gods still, but cannot find their source. They have lost their way, and the signposts are hidden.

Part of our task is to guide these lost ones back to their natural organic faith. Odinism gives us our real identity. It is complete, it has its history, its mythology, folklore and magic, and code of ethics, but for many folk today it seems a hard path to follow, for it recognises that life and nature are not all sweetness. Truth sometimes stings. Odinists accept responsibility for their own actions, and this is contrary to what passes for ethics in this degenerate age. We could go along with this approach, hoping to boost our membership, but in so doing we would cease to be Odinists.

So we stand in defence of our ancient faith and see its fresh green shoot once again emerging through the deadwood and tangle, at once a source of joy and a reason for dread. To see this beautiful and pure shoot stirs the heart of every true man and woman, because it is a wonderful and holy thing. It is proof of our links with the past, it is a token of beauty in this time of ugliness, and it is a promise of a bright and noble future – it is sacred.

But now that it has emerged from the soil it is exposed to all the myriad dangers which seek to sever us from our past, corrupt and exploit beauty, and strangle hope. It must be nurtured and protected lest it be crushed and twisted, but we must also ensure that we don’t smother it and hold back its growth. It is our responsibility to ensure that this shoot grows strong and healthy, and these are dangerous times!

There are those who have a vested interest in stopping our folk from finding their way back to their own organic faith; there is the widespread apathy amongst many of our kin; there is the confusion of those who seek, but with blinkered eyes. There are some who say they are Odinists, but who lack the courage to move forward. Then there are those who want to jump on the bandwagon, the inadequate, the egotistical, the perverse; those who want to subvert and mislead.

We must learn from past error, in order to ensure our future, and avoid the petty schisms which have plagued our people throughout history. The highly motivated and organised Christians routed and dominated a strong and vibrant but fragmented society. We must not let this happen again. We must be united, ten thousand voices shouting at cross-purposes are a mere rabble – one hundred shouting in unison are a dynamic force. We are the vanguard, we blaze the trail – happy to know that it is we who will make a future for our FAITH, FOLK and FAMILY!

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