Odinist Poetry Competition Yule 2266

| October 4, 2016
Odinist Poetry Competition Yule 2266

“Ancestors, enlightened

Sired of their seed

Poetry, wisdom

A draught of Woden’s mead…”

– an excerpt from the poem ‘Our Wyrd’ by Redwald OR

When Odin took a sip of the poetic mead, Wyrd’s web reverberated throughout the cosmos and set the stage for the enlightenment of our folk. Wisdom, golden in hue, cascaded down from the Allfather, revealing the God force within and around us.

Poetry is divine inspiration. Those in tune act as antennas to something that cannot be understood but which offers a glimpse of Odin Consciousness. It comes from without as much as within.

It is with all this in mind that the Odinic Rite proudly presents our first poetry competition, open to members and friends of the OR.

Submissions are requested, on any theme related to Odinism and Odinism in the Modern World, to the email address listed below.

The deadline is Yule 2266 (2016 c/e). All submissions will be judged anonymously by our resident Bard, Penda OR and the winners notified by Snowmoon 2267 (January 2017 c/e).

Please include your name in your email, along with a few details about yourself and attach your poem as a .pdf, Word document or similar. Text should be no smaller than 12pt and poems should not exceed 40 lines. Only one entry per person will be accepted. Entries received after the Winter Solstice 2266 (2016 c/e) will not be accepted.

Please submit your entry to:


A prize will be awarded to the winner and commendations awarded to two further entrants.

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