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Orlog and Proactivity

By Gungnir Hama AOR The modern, contemporary Odinist strives continually for advancement in a fighting spirit that resides in his or her pro-active essence. Proactivity is healthy orlog, individually and collectively, that will help lead to a righteous Wyrd.
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Defending the Archetype

Defending the Archetype

A Great Moot talk by Eowyn OR Many understand an archetype to be a model of a person, personality, or behaviour- a prototype or idealised form- which is then copied in some way, either via its appearance, patterns or behaviours. It is also understood as a stereotype that is observed multiple times, such as in our perception of the hero or the “puella” (eternal girl) image that is foisted upon girls and women today. Some folk understand the gods from these perspectives: thus Odin may be perceived as the image of a figure wearing a blue cloak, wide-brimmed hat and having one eye being followed by two wolves and two ravens. The problem with this “psychologised” understanding of an archetype is that it is a flat, lifeless pattern resembling a cookie cutter that is superimposed onto something that is a living entity: the map is not the territory.
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Hail the Heathen Hammer

Hail the Heathen Hammer

By Anders B. AOR It were at last year’s G.M, that Blutgeist OR gave a talk and meditation on the hammer and what it means to us that bit deep into me, to the point that I had this overwhelming feeling to make a hammer to be of a high enough standard to represent our faith.
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The River of Our Life

The River of Our Life

By Rory H. AOR I read a while ago a quote about the Odinic Rite being as a rock in a rapidly flowing river, resisting those forces which are constantly trying to wash it away and lose our holy faith forever. I agree totally with this thought but I consider that there is more to this statement than initially meets the eye.
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Meditations on the Black Sun - Part 1

Meditations on the Black Sun – Part 1

By Volksieg AOR The sole intention of this piece is to provide food for thought and, perhaps, to act as a launch pad for further discussion and exploration. None of the writings below should, of course, be considered “Holy Writ” or any such dogmatic nonsense but should be treated as they truly are: mere threads of thought collected as they became apparent. Therefore, I leave it up to you, dear reader, to ascribe any objective value of truth as is deemed necessary.
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Getting to know your Fetch

Getting to know your Fetch

By Volksieg AOR The Fetch, as many of you may know, is an entity who is with you, throughout all your incarnations, acting as a guide to greater spiritual development and, when the relationship between Odinist and Fetch is fully developed, it is entirely possible that it can act as a protector in this realm also.
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Our Personal Energy

Our Personal Energy

By Hariulf OR “… Everything is Energy…” I must admit that it's something which I had never really thought of but it really struck me when I read it for the first time. Maybe that does not seem to be a big secret or a great truth, but I think that it is something very important to consider if we want to advance both spiritually and physically.
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Forward As One - Personal And Unified Advancement Within The Odinic Rite

Forward As One – Personal And Unified Advancement Within The Odinic Rite

By Redwald AOR
As a religious movement that is not seen as mainstream yet, it should be viewed necessary to cast an occasional critical eye on ourselves – our attitude, our achievements and our ability to mobilise folk and resources to our best advantage.
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Yggdrasil -  Interconnections and Dependency

Yggdrasil – Interconnections and Dependency

By Ulfhethnar Odinsen AOR The tree is a common motif in our sacred mythology as well as in that of various cultures world-wide. Yet nowhere does it seem to have left such an indelible mark as it has in the Nordic cultures of Europe. From the mighty ash tree Yggdrasil to our progenitors Askr and Embla, the Ash and Elm.
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By James W AOR The path for most of us, takes us on very different routes and sometimes it is not the easiest route to take. As a matter of fact it is usually full of many speed bumps for all of us. Sometimes the Norns weave a web for us that tests our spirits, our hearts and our commitment to the Gods and Goddesses which will push us to find our own ways. Steadfastness, the ability to stay focused and a good dose of stubbornness is needed in every Odinist that is working to further the awakening of the folk spirit.
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