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Odinic Vision

Odinic Vision

By Shawn E AOR – ORBriefing 221 – Spring 2261

It has been accepted by many practitioners of Asatru, Heathenism, and Odinism that Odin, All Father of the Folk sacrificed his eye at some point in Mimir’s well. However, personally I have yet to find any evidence of this sacrifice for myself in the lore we generally accept as the Prose and Poetic Eddas… or logic. It is the intention of this article to explore what I have been able to find and share it. Continue reading

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Rune Song

Rune Song

By Kris N AOR

Fehu is wealth in family
Uruz, primal energy
And Thrizaz is the strength within thee
Ansuz breathes Odin’s words Continue reading

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An Understanding of the role of Loki in Odinic Mythology

An Understanding of the role of Loki in Odinic Mythology

By Heimgest DCG

In the myths, the figure of Loki is present throughout the cycle and is only vanquished at Ragnarok. Viewing the myths on the level of our own personal evolution and self realisation, the Ragnarok is representative of our final overcoming of that which stands in our way to attaining that higher evolution, so we see that it is only by overcoming that “enemy” that we are successful in that. Continue reading

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The Great Theft - Part 3

The Great Theft – Part 3

By Wayne W AOR Part 1 Part 2 The sky outside the window had darkened, and the snow was falling quickly now. The Old Man stood again and looked out the window. He could see no sign of his family, … Continue reading

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My Profession

My Profession

A Report by Redwald OR

If I’m honest, no doubt like many others, I considered Profession rather early on in my OR ‘apprenticeship’. Being pretty eager regarding new challenges, I have often tried to run before I can walk. Sometimes this enthusiasm has paid off, and other times I’ve ended up taking on a bit too much for my own good. Indeed, my wife is often telling me that I do too much… and I nod, smile and tell her that my greatest fear is to be lying on my death bed regretting not having done more. Continue reading

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During our lifetimes how much time is spent earning money which is then thrown away buying basic items that we could produce for ourselves? Of this money how much of that is wasted purely because the old skills needed to produce something have been lost, trampled into oblivion by the consumer culture and alien, materialistic greed? Continue reading

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The Origins of The Stork and Newborns

The Origins of The Stork and Newborns

By Gothi Arinbjorn OR

To those who follow the path of the ancient Northern Europeans, the spirit of man is eternal and immortal, living a number of lives as works towards enlightenment, what we call the Odic Consciousness. Continue reading

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A statement from the Court of Gothar

A statement from the Court of Gothar

To avoid any confusion it has become necessary to point out that The Odinic Rite is not associated in any way whatsoever with the groups Odinic Rite Australia and lately the Odinic Rite Argentina. The Odinic Rite is an international … Continue reading

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OR Update - November 2263

OR Update – November 2263

The following update has been sent out to our email list subscribers.
OR Media presents: Odic Force Meditation – OR Gothar Certified – OR Store Continue reading

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Mountain and Spirituality

Mountain and Spirituality

By Hariulf OR

As many of you know I have the chance to live in the beautiful Swiss Alps. It goes without saying that the mountain has always played a great role in my life. These are also these beautiful Alps who inspired me this article. I hope it will be not to confuse, I always have a lot of difficulties to translate my thoughts into words. So I hope this short article will have sense for you. Continue reading

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