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Where To Now?

Where To Now?

By Redwald OR

During my relatively short time in the Odinic Rite, I’ve seen some good folk come and some good folk go. This got me wondering. What brings people to the OR? What keeps them here? What occasionally prompts them to leave? I cannot look into the hearts and minds of my fellow kinsmen, but I can certainly delve deep into my own mind and attempt to come up with some answers. And maybe my thoughts may offer something to others. Continue reading

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Some Thoughts about Death and our Relationship with Her

By Hariulf OR

In this article, I have decided to speak of a subject that we do not cover very often in our daily discussion but that is yet one of the few certainties we have in life: death. This is a huge topic and I think we could write many books without ever being able to fully cover it. In this article I’ll just offer some reflections on this subject that came during my meditations. Continue reading

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The 9 Noble Virtues - A Suitable Hierarchy

The 9 Noble Virtues – A Suitable Hierarchy

By K Nowakowski AOR

We took the Nine Noble Virtues, first defining each one as applied to the self and arranged in order of what we thought is a suitable hierarchy of importance and gave a brief explanation. This is a personal assertion that you may or may not agree with, though, thought provoking as it is I hope it presents an additional way to consider these virtues regarded so. Continue reading

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Legacy of Blood

Legacy of Blood

By Ulfhethnar Odinsen AOR

The genetic roots of our people long predate the ancient civilisations and cultures of the Nordic North as well as those of Rome, Egypt and Sumer. They were outward manifestations of a people’s inherent drive to understand and create order in an otherwise chaotic world. A desire to emulate the Gods who set the Sun, Moon and Stars into motions and brought a semblance of order. Continue reading

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Hyndluljoth (The Poem of Hyndla)

Hyndluljoth (The Poem of Hyndla)

By Einar Randall AOR

This is a myth I have never before really contemplated on. I will begin with a summary of the myth and then discuss my own views and interpretation. Continue reading

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Gallant One

Gallant One

By Kris N AOR
ORBriefing 221 – Spring 2261

I am joy,
Great and Gallant.
I am war ready. Continue reading

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Odinic Vision

Odinic Vision

By Shawn E AOR – ORBriefing 221 – Spring 2261

It has been accepted by many practitioners of Asatru, Heathenism, and Odinism that Odin, All Father of the Folk sacrificed his eye at some point in Mimir’s well. However, personally I have yet to find any evidence of this sacrifice for myself in the lore we generally accept as the Prose and Poetic Eddas… or logic. It is the intention of this article to explore what I have been able to find and share it. Continue reading

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Rune Song

Rune Song

By Kris N AOR

Fehu is wealth in family
Uruz, primal energy
And Thrizaz is the strength within thee
Ansuz breathes Odin’s words Continue reading

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An Understanding of the role of Loki in Odinic Mythology

An Understanding of the role of Loki in Odinic Mythology

By Heimgest DCG

In the myths, the figure of Loki is present throughout the cycle and is only vanquished at Ragnarok. Viewing the myths on the level of our own personal evolution and self realisation, the Ragnarok is representative of our final overcoming of that which stands in our way to attaining that higher evolution, so we see that it is only by overcoming that “enemy” that we are successful in that. Continue reading

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The Great Theft - Part 3

The Great Theft – Part 3

By Wayne W AOR Part 1 Part 2 The sky outside the window had darkened, and the snow was falling quickly now. The Old Man stood again and looked out the window. He could see no sign of his family, … Continue reading

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