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Vaccination: Venom of Jormungandr

By Eowyn OR

There is a common assumption held by many Odinists and non-Odinists alike that vaccination gives Mother Nature a ‘helping hand’ by strengthening our immune systems against viruses and bacteria. Medical Establishment cries to “Vaccinate or Die” and their manipulation of information has coerced millions of people into partaking of vaccination programmes that are measurably lethal to ourselves and our offspring; and it is the evidence from orthodox medical researchers’ own findings that damns them. Continue reading

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The myth of William Tell

The myth of William Tell

By Hariulf OR

First of all this article is not really an Odinic article, but I would like to share with you a very important myth for Switzerland. The very interesting thing with this myth is that it is very close to two other myths of Germanic lore: Toko’s story reported by Saxo Grammaticus and the Dietrich von Bern/Thidrek’s saga. Continue reading

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The Stinging Nettle – A paradoxical Green Goddess

It seems they lurk everywhere (if rarely in BC!): by roadsides, railway lines, in ditches, on rubbish tips! For many, they comprise a major division of an army of rebellious weeds that constantly threatens an otherwise perfect garden with imminent siege. And worse still, a brush with the ubiquitous nettle seems as a fiery bite from an evil green dragon! Continue reading

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Trees and Men

Trees and Men

by Seb AOR

At all times, the peoples of Northern Europe have had a special relationship with trees. We find this relationship in our mythology and in our folklore. But we also find it in the everyday life, a symbiosis between men and trees. Indeed, without trees, there certainly never would have been life on earth. This article aims to put forward this symbiotic relationship between trees and men. Continue reading

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Radical Detoxification – Reclaiming the Wild Soul

By Eowyn OR

There is an ancient woman who lives in a place that everyone knows in their souls but few have ever seen. She is circumspect, often hairy, always fat and especially wishes to evade company. She crows and cackles, generally making more animal than human sounds. I might say she lives everywhere and nowhere- in the mountains, buried in a grave; maybe she will be seen walking to market or sitting by a well. Bone Woman is known by many names but always her purpose is to collect bones and especially that which is in danger of being lost to the world. Continue reading

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Deforestation & Bio-fuels

By Asrad CG

For many years now, environmental campaign groups have been calling for much greater use of alternative energy sources in an attempt to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. For a long time they were ignored by the big global industries; but over the last few years there has been a massive surge in interest from the multi-nationals and governments towards the use and production of bio-fuels. Why? Continue reading

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Cosmetic Ingredients – Part 1

By Solwyn AOR

Most people use products without knowing what an item is made of. Understanding an ingredient label enables you as a consumer to know what it is that you are putting on yourself. Some of these terms you may be familiar with from advertising, and some you may have heard of but have misinterpreted because the terminology in chemistry can be confusing. Still others are just plain nasty and you’re scrubbing them right across your butt every morning in the shower. If you aren’t sure what something is or does, google the term or visit the library, research the pros and cons, and see what some of these ingredients are being put in. Continue reading

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Holographic Ecology: Nemesis of the Loki-ites

By Eowyn OR

There is a great agenda which apparently threatens the very soul-path and evolution of our folk. All folk in the Rite are aware of this fact in some way. We see it in the wanton destruction of our heritage, our lands and our people. Deforestation, relentless road-building, immigration, pollution in our food and water supplies, media-disinformation: all are factors in the equation which I don’t need to elaborate upon. Continue reading

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Idun Project expands in SE England

Idun Project expands in SE England

Members of the OR met up on Sunday 22nd August to help Hengest clear his new allotment and ready the plot for propagation. If you’ve never rented an allotment before, then you have no idea how much blood sweat and tears it takes to knock an overgrown and neglected plot into shape. My blistered hands and aching body are witness to how much work we did.

Continue reading

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The Idunn Project – Part Four

Kris AOR brings us the third report on his allotment venture, and discusses some of the problems he has had with potato blight, a rather stubborn weed called ‘Horse Tail’, and of course the age-old foe of the gardener – the slug. He also talks of the successes of his broad beans, and describes efforts to increase and support biodiversity on his plot.

Hail the Growers! Continue reading

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