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The Legend of the Edelweiss

The Edelweiss is one of the symbols of Switzerland, and also of other alpine countries such as Austria. It is a rare flower that grows at high altitudes. The Edelweiss has therefore given rise to many legends. This is one of my favourites Continue reading

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The Idunn Project – South East

The Idunn Project – South East

This first report by Jim charts his initial progress and thoughts about his newly acquired allotment, and shows that extensive gardening experience is not a prerequisite for such a venture – all you need is enthusiasm, respect for the soil and faith in Nature. Continue reading

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The Idunn Project – Part Three

In this article I want to take a look at what sort of crops can be sown towards the back end of a year and into the early months. It’s also a good idea to take a look at what can go straight into the ground from the bag and what benefits from a head start by being propagated in a green house. Note that I am only looking at crops that can be started in a green house and then transplanted outside. I will address crops that can be grown in a green house all year round later on (if I have any actual experience of doing this). Continue reading

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The Idunn Project – Part Two

In this article I want to look at winter preparation for the coming year. It might seem plausible that nothing much needs to be done in winter months and whilst the time needed to work on the land is considerably less there are still tasks that need addressing. Continue reading

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Laundry and the butterfly: a study into the harm done by conventional detergents

In this article I have sought to briefly explore and explain the harmful effects that conventional household washing/cleaning detergents can have upon the environment, it’s ecosystems, and of course us, for we are of course inextricably linked to the fate and welfare of our surrounding natural environment. Continue reading

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Language of the Gods

Icelandic or Old Norse has come to be regarded in some Odinist circles as a kind of holy language. Just as Victorian clerks were wont to scatter Latin phrases throughout their writing and never used a plain word when a more obscure one could be found so some latter-day Odinists will often not use an English word in their rituals when they can find an Icelandic word that will do. It matters not that few of their fellow Odinists (sometimes even the user himself) do not understand. The user of language has made his point and others must wallow in ignorance, for some will be too intimidated to say, “Hey, what does all that mean?” Continue reading

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Odinism & The Environment – What Can Be Done?

Penda Wulfr OR Midgard is in trouble, Mother Jorth is in a very bad way. The waters are polluted and the life within is being poisoned and hunted to extinction. The land is being raped and turned into deserts and … Continue reading

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Water – Nature’s Sensationally Reflective Medium

By Eowyn OR “No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it” -ALBERT EINSTEIN As great seafarers, water was a major aspect of our ancestor’s lives and, as for us today, an essential element of physical survival. … Continue reading

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The Nettle

  Today the nettle bears a bad reputation – it is considered to be a noxious weed and an evil, stinging plant, to be eradicated from our gardens. However, this reputation is very far from being deserved. Our ancestors regarded … Continue reading

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Your New Awakening: Your Health

by Eowyn OR Within the OR, there has been much discussion about the New Awakening; the usual context appertains to beliefs, what we do and how we behave. These are obviously vital considerations. But equally as important is our individual … Continue reading

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