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Hail Njord, Hail Ran, Hail all our Gods

Hail Njord, Hail Ran, Hail all our Gods

By Rory H OR I am a boatmaster working on the South West coast of England driving passenger vessels and ferries in coastal waters, normally no more than three miles offshore and, as the rules say, in favourable weather. This … Continue reading

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Hail Hervor OR - Katherine 'Kit' Kershaw

Hail Hervor OR – Katherine ‘Kit’ Kershaw

On September 13th 2012 ce. one of the Odinic Rite’s finest members passed from this realm.

Hervor OR joined the Rite in the 70s along with her husband Asbjeorn. Both had been Odinists before joining the Rite and had long been dedicated and active in advancing our Holy religion and our Folk in both the esoteric and exoteric arenas. Continue reading

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Heimdal, the Shining One

By Sam Coles AOR

Armour of silver, helmet golden,
Sword of gleaming sun-fire,
The Defender of Asgard’s peaceful realm. Continue reading

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