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Function, Faith, Frith

Function, Faith, Frith

by Michael Boyd AOR

In the microcosm and macrocosm there exist paradigms, or patterns, that determine everything. Plato called these “forms”, they are also known as Ideals. This is true of physics as it is of metaphysics yet our focus here is of course to the spiritual and the Odinic ambition of continual “Becoming”
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Odinism and (Anti-) Christianity

Odinism and (Anti-) Christianity

By Mark Puryear

Our religion is an ancient ethnic heritage, for our folk, which emphasizes the importance of true cultural diversity and respect for all peoples. With that said, it seems odd to me that any of us would then turn around and challenge the progress of our movement by attacking any parallels to Christianity we may find in our research. Continue reading

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Balder, Ruler of an Age to come

Balder, Ruler of an Age to come

By Arnbald, OR-B & FS

In the heathen tradition, Balder is certainly one of the most popular, but also one of the most perplexing gods. He seems to be quite well known. Almost everyone has heard of him or, at least, knows his name. But actually, very little is known of this divine character. We hardly find a book which would deal exclusively or mainly of him. Continue reading

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The Sources of Thor's Power

The Sources of Thor’s Power

THOR has been much loved of the common folk and much maligned by the scholars throughout the ages. We see evidence of his cult in the statuary relics of the German mercenaries of the Caesars. The late medieval Icelanders were renowned for their enthusiasm for this most accessible god of our pantheon, the people’s friend; and the Eddaic scholars could not easily ignore him. Continue reading

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TYR - Father, Protector, Provider

TYR – Father, Protector, Provider

TYR has often been misunderstood and even more often misrepresented. The Romans simplistically equated him with their god of war, mars. Consequently Tiw, as the Anglo-Saxons called him, has the honour of giving his name to Tuesday, but is otherwise neglected by many as being embarrassingly militaristic. Continue reading

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Wyrd Part 2: In the Beginning was the Wyrd

True to form the Christ people placed the birth of their God at the time of the birth of the sun – the Winter Sunstead – their version being a word-play – ‘birth of the son’, the son of God. Even before this the Judaic Old Testament uses a clever word play to twist the concept of Wyrd, for Genesis maintains: “In the beginning was the Word”. It maintains of course that the Word was God. Continue reading

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A Case for Indo-European Pantheism & Indo-European Self-Identification

By Athelstan, AOR First published in ORB 203, Yule 2006 Should any culture fail to be vibrant, if it fails to adopt and maintain appropriate and durable practices that secure and safeguard the future of its people and their heritage, … Continue reading

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