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Myth Analysis: The Poetic Mead

Myth Analysis: The Poetic Mead

By Hariulf OR For this article I will try to analyse the Myth of Odin and the Poetic Mead. I will focus particularly on the part where Odin goes in search of the Mead. I’m far from being a specialist … Continue reading

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Preparing a Ritual Drinking Horn: A folk recipe of sorts

Preparing a Ritual Drinking Horn: A folk recipe of sorts

by Dave Hobson AOR

Every ritual object that we fashion for ourselves is charged with much more power than a purchased object could possible contain. This power, in turn, charges both the liquid that it will hold and the folk who will pass it in Sumble or in Blot. It is a very simple task to create your own drinking horn—don’t be intimidated by the magical significance. Like all things, the result is far more impressive than the method. Continue reading

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The Solitary Path

By Mike P AOR

I do not know the true figures, but I would hazard a guess that about 80% of the Odinic Rite membership celebrates its religion in a solitary manner. Which means that for the vast majority of us Blot and Sumbel are simply not going to happen – we have no-one with whom to share such occasions, no-one we can join in prayer or practice. Or have we? Continue reading

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