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Myth Analysis: The Poetic Mead

Myth Analysis: The Poetic Mead

By Hariulf OR For this article I will try to analyse the Myth of Odin and the Poetic Mead. I will focus particularly on the part where Odin goes in search of the Mead. I’m far from being a specialist … Continue reading

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THE END OF THE WORLD IS NIGH - The 2012 Myth: Is it true?

THE END OF THE WORLD IS NIGH – The 2012 Myth: Is it true?

A Great Moot talk by Eowyn OR Good morning folks. Are you all having a good time? Great! Then I suggest you make the most of it because this may well be our last Great Moot – that is, if … Continue reading

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The Great Year

The Web of Wyrd is by no means a static construction. It is motion made manifest. The flashing patterns of energy within the heart of the atom, the wheeling dance of galaxies and stars, all is motion.

It is within this concept of a cosmos in continual, rhythmic, patterned motion that the idea of the “Great Year” must be considered. Continue reading

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In Defence of the Term “Myth”

Recently, I’ve had the occasion to discuss with a fellow Heathen the use of the term “myth” with respect to its appropriateness in defining what our sacred stories (our lore) really are all about. Continue reading

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