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The Burning of Gullveig

The Burning of Gullveig

By Reginhard OR

In Sturlson’s Poetic Edda, Gullveig is characterised as a wicked money grabbing sorceress who when visiting Asgard talks of nothing other than the love of gold. “They listened with loathing and eventually thought the world would be better off without her so they hurled her into the fire”
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Odin and Nietzsche: Will and Service to Folk

Odin and Nietzsche: Will and Service to Folk

By Taven Odinkaur AOR

I don’t wear a Hammer.

I am going to admit right now, Folks, I only wear a Valknut. I am an Odinist , literally. Nothing against Thor and his hallowing Hammer, the mighty weapon of the common farmers. I greatly respect the Friend of Man, and his personal devotees are good Folk, but Odin is where my affinity lies.

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Odinic Vision

Odinic Vision

By Shawn E AOR – ORBriefing 221 – Spring 2261

It has been accepted by many practitioners of Asatru, Heathenism, and Odinism that Odin, All Father of the Folk sacrificed his eye at some point in Mimir’s well. However, personally I have yet to find any evidence of this sacrifice for myself in the lore we generally accept as the Prose and Poetic Eddas… or logic. It is the intention of this article to explore what I have been able to find and share it. Continue reading

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You, Our Father Odin - Renée Vivien

You, Our Father Odin – Renée Vivien

by Renée Vivien (1907)

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Trees and Men

Trees and Men

by Seb AOR

At all times, the peoples of Northern Europe have had a special relationship with trees. We find this relationship in our mythology and in our folklore. But we also find it in the everyday life, a symbiosis between men and trees. Indeed, without trees, there certainly never would have been life on earth. This article aims to put forward this symbiotic relationship between trees and men. Continue reading

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Change: The Myth of the Giant Maiden

By Hervor OR

Once upon a far and distant time, when the Gods were young – ere the First War was fought, or a wall built round Asgard – when we all lived in the forest and nobody lived anywhere else, the lad, Thor, sat on a shining summit of the Sacred Mountain, and looked out over the Earth. Continue reading

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Death: The path to vibrant life

By Eowyn OR

Death is such a huge concern, that it is central to some spiritual traditions; so this brief discussion can do little other than whet our taste buds to its flavour and essence so we might gain a snapshot feel for its character. Hence, without further ado, let us define what we mean by “death.” Continue reading

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AS A PEOPLE we are noted for our law-abiding qualities or recognition of the need for order. As Odinists we realise even more the need for order if we are to flourish. Nature is ordered, a fact which escapes many hippy-type heathens. If order breaks down chaos descends. So what is order? Continue reading

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It is incorrect, although a prevalent concept among Odinists, to equate Loki with the Judeo-Christian devil, that odd concept of a totally evil force that yet does the dirty work for a supposedly total good force. Loki is not the devil. Continue reading

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Odin - Allfather

Odin – Allfather

Odin is the High One, the Father of our gods, the creator of our race. In the threefold aspect of Odin-Honir-Loður he breathed the spirit of thought and magic and awareness into us and made us human, the upright animal, with a spark of high divinity that makes us question and create and reach for the stars. Continue reading

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