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Positive Resistance as Heathen Virtue

Positive Resistance as Heathen Virtue

Within a sound morality and in recognition of the lifestruggle is the virtue of resistance: resistance to degeneracy, to vice, to atheism, to monotheism, to universalism, unsoundness, stagnancy, ad infinitum. Continue reading

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The Circle of Ostara

The Circle of Ostara is a Magical Order associated with (but not officially a part of) the Odinic Rite, together working to further the awakening of our people. The Circle itself has a long history, and has developed its own system of mystico/magical practice. Continue reading

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The Odinic Rite Year – Major monthly blotar and ‘secondary’ dates/festivals

The major monthly Blotar are fully explained in our Book of Blotar which is recommended reading and available from the Rite. Of course Hearths and individuals should not restrict themselves to only one Blot a month. Daily rituals are also given in the Book of Blotar and a few ‘secondary’ dates/festivals are given here. Continue reading

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The Great Moot 2256

Report by Asrad CG

On Saturday the 4th Fogmoon 2256 members and friends of the Odinic Rite gathered in London for the Great Moot. Once again we were blessed with a very good turn out with members travelling from across Midgard to be with us. It is heart warming to see the effort that many of our members make to be with us at this very special occasion. Continue reading

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